Churches & Religious Institutions

Churches & Religious Institutions, asphalt paving churchIn addition to being places of worship, churches are often important centers of community services and social activities. Churches & Religious Institutions often operates on a limited budget and may rely on volunteers to provide vital repairs or improvements to the property. However, should volunteers with the appropriate skills and necessary equipment be unavailable, church leaders may need the services of a contractor. When this happens, it is extremely important that the contractor selected is someone with excellent references, years of experience and a reputation for honesty, quality work and customer satisfaction.

Churches & Religious Institutions – The Importance of the Contractor You Select

The quality of the work that you receive is primarily dependent on the quality of the contractor. An experienced and trustworthy contractor knows which products and techniques will deliver the best results, which crew members should be assigned to specific tasks and how to manage a project’s schedule to ensure that the work is completed on time and without cost overruns. Unscrupulous contractors may eliminate important steps, use inferior materials or hire untrained day laborers to handle tasks that should be completed by skilled, experienced personnel. If there is a problem with the work performed, you may be unable to find the contractor or convince him to stand behind his work.

Typical Services Provided to Churches & Religious Institutions

Dirtworks understands the special challenges and unique problems that churches can face. We are more than happy to work with you to prioritize your needs and create a schedule for your projects that considers the desires of your congregation and your budgetary constraints. Services that we are frequently asked to provide to churches appear on the following list.

Asphalt Paving: Parking lots, sports courts and walkways are often paved with asphalt. Dirtworks can provide you with replacement pavements or asphalt overlays, and we also construct new asphalt pavements. Asphalt is more economical and faster to install than concrete, and the maintenance is also faster and less expensive.
Asphalt Repairs: Even if the budget is tight, ignoring important repairs can cost you significantly more money in the future. Potholes and cracks provide access points for water to penetrate beneath the pavement and destroy the foundation. Within just a few years, the pavement and the foundation can be damaged so badly that the pavement must be removed, the foundation reconstructed and the pavement completely rebuilt.
Asphalt Sealcoating: When performed as a part of your routine maintenance program, sealcoating can help prolong the life of your asphalt pavement. Studies have shown that skipping the sealcoating can cut the life of asphalt pavement in half. Sealcoating is an economical procedure, but it is a highly effective way to protect asphalt pavement from oil spills, UV rays and other factors that can lead to the premature deterioration of the pavement.
Asphalt Milling: Many issues with asphalt pavement can be corrected by using a milling machine to remove a precise thickness of pavement. Drainage issues, uneven transitions between two connecting pavements and surface flaws are just some of the common uses for milling. Milling is typically faster, less disruptive and cheaper than other corrective techniques.
Asphalt Reclamation: When asphalt pavement has developed alligator cracks or other irreparable damage, the traditional technique has been to saw out the damaged area and replace it with new pavement. Reclamation is an alternative technique in which the pavement is pulverized or ground in place, any necessary additives are mixed in, the material is shaped and a new layer of asphalt is applied to cover the area. Reclamation is usually less expensive and faster than the traditional technique.
Parking Lot Striping: Without the proper markings, a parking lot can turn into a disorganized, confusing mess. Drivers will not know whether the parking angle should be left, right or straight, and pedestrians will not know where it is safe to walk or cross the traffic lanes. Cars may block emergency lanes or spaces intended for handicapped parking. Parking lot markings make the lot safer, more inviting and easier to control.
Snow Removal: Your congregation, visitors and staff members could be placed at risk if snow or ice builds up on your pavement. However, volunteers wielding garden shovels could gouge or otherwise damage the pavement. A professional snow removal service can clear the pavement safely and efficiently.
Site Work: The category of site work includes a variety of services. For example, Dirtworks can alter the terrain to improve drainage, grade the site for a new building, dig a trench for the repair or installation of water pipes, install a new asphalt walkway, construct a new access road or clear obstacles from undeveloped land.
Dirt Road Repair: If you have a dirt access road or a dirt road connecting buildings on your property, you know that it can be damaged by rain or runoff. We can regrade dirt roads to improve drainage and repair ruts, potholes or other damage.

Churches & Religious Institutions and their leaders in the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts area know that they can trust Dirtworks to deliver high-quality work and outstanding customer service at reasonable prices. We are a family owned company that has specialized in asphalt paving and excavations for more than 20 years. We are known for our integrity, our dedication to our customers and our exceptional workmanship. To receive a free estimate, call us at 508-240-5541 or fill out the online request form.