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Over time, dirt roads develop ruts, potholes and longitudinal erosion. If left untreated, dirt roads can become impassable and a danger to drive on. Dirtworks can help with dirt road maintenance and dirt road repair in Cape Cod, MA.

Dirt Road Repair – Are You In Need?

Most of the problems dirt roads have are due to improper drainage. If water does not drain from the road it can lead to a majority of dirt road problems. Ruts develop on dirt roads when water does not drain properly. If the road is not built up high enough above the original ground, Ruts will be caused by water not draining off of the road. Improper ditches can also allow the road to form ruts. We offer repairs and maintenance to help eliminate road ruts.

Another common problem that dirt roads have are potholes. Potholes form when the dirt road does not drain. Water is left standing on the dirt and causes the dirt to erode. The eroding causes the dirt to cave in and creates a pothole. Cape Cod Dirt Road Repair can help by re-grading the road to repair potholes and ensure proper road drainage.

Longitudinal erosion is another problem for dirt roads.  This type of erosion occurs when water washes away the soil. If left untreated, erosion can eventually cause rills.  Rills are small grooves that form in the road from the flow of water. Over time, the rills will turn into gullies that can severely damage dirt roads. Dirtworks can devise a plan for you for dirt road repair in Cape Cod, MA.

Not matter the problem with your dirt road; Dirtworks has the knowledge and equipment to make Cape Cod Dirt Road Repair like new again. We offer re-grading and other options for dirt road repair in Cape Cod, MA. Rely on the Cape Cod dirt road specialists to put your road back in good working order. Please call us for a free estimate at 508-240-5541.

We also offer asphalt paving for roads and driveways, asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating.

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