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An attractive, well-maintained driveway speaks volumes about the pride you have in your home. Whether you have a modest driveway before a house in the suburbs or a long, sweeping drive leading to a house in a secluded rural area, asphalt pavement is an ideal choice. It is fast to install, extremely durable when properly maintained and economical to repair. If you are considering an asphalt driveway, here are some things that you should know about the Dirtworks advantage.

What Is the Dirtworks Advantage?

When you select Dirtworks, you get a locally owned paving company with more than 20 years of experience in the construction, repair and resurfacing of asphalt driveways. Our experience and training allow us to handle jobs that many asphalt contractors would not or could not attempt. Furthermore, we offer excavation services, site work and demolition services, so we are a true one-stop source for all of your driveway replacement or construction needs. We are extremely committed to helping you obtain the best value for your money, so we offer a wide range of maintenance and repair procedures for asphalt driveways. 

We have built a solid reputation by delivering superior craftsmanship and making the extra effort to ensure that every customer is delighted with our work. When interviewing potential contractors, you should always ask for references. Reliable contractors can provide you with the names and numbers of customers for whom they have recently completed projects. You should call each reference and ask about the quality of the contractor’s work, his ability to finish the work on time and the respect that the contractor showed his customers and their property. When you contact people for whom we have built, maintained or repaired driveways, you will find that we keep our promises, treat every customer with respect, deliver results that exceed their expectations and are always concerned with the best interests of our customers. 

How Can Dirtworks Help Maintain My Driveway?

One of the most important maintenance procedures is to have fresh sealcoating applied regularly. The interval between sealcoating applications will depend on the age of your driveway, its condition and its use. Sealcoating is very economical, but it can often double the life of your driveway by screening out UV rays, protecting against automotive fluids and making your driveway more resistant to water penetration. 

We also offer crack filling and asphalt repair to help ensure that water does not reach the driveway’s foundation and destabilize it. If your driveway has low spots in which water collects, we may be able to eliminate them and improve your driveway’s drainage with asphalt milling. In addition, if you have a concrete or asphalt driveway that is just too old to make repairs cost-effective, we can install an asphalt overlay that will give you virtually the same functionality and appearance as a new driveway for much less money. 

At Dirtworks, we have been paving, repairing and maintaining driveways in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts for over two decades. We know that every customer’s needs are different, so we always focus on what the best solution is for the specific customer. For a free estimate, call 508-240-5541 or use the online form.

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