Site Work

In basic terms, site work refers to the construction of projects that typically are not an integrated part of a home or building. However, there are many different types of site work that we handle. Sometimes we complete only one site work project, and at other times we perform all of the site work needed when a property is being constructed on a patch of undeveloped land. Although you may not need every type of site work we offer, it might be helpful to take you through a sample project involving virtually all of the site work services we offer.

Cape Cod Site Work Includes

  • Preparation of the structure’s foundation through excavation or land clearing
  • Rough or initial grading
  • Final grading
  • Drainage Facilities Installation
  • Construction and Paving of Driveways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Cellar Holes
  • Preparation and approval of permits and fees
  • Septic and sewer systems

Initial Preparation

Many projects require permits and/or inspections, so we begin by determining and obtaining the permits required in the customer’s location. The next step is to clear the land of obstructions such as trees or undergrowth. Once the land is clear, we perform an initial grading to give us a better idea of the “lay of the land.”


The terrain rarely conforms to what builders need or customers want. There may be low and high spots that need to be leveled, the grade may need to be adjusted to ensure proper drainage, the customer might want a terrace constructed or the plans may require the construction of a berm. We can make the alterations to the terrain that are needed to address drainage issues or provide the desired aesthetics.

Perform Excavations

On most projects, a variety of excavations will be needed. We may excavate the space for the building’s foundation or dig a cellar hole. In rural areas, we often excavate for septic systems and/or wells. In urban locations, we may excavate a trench for connecting the building to water mains and sewer lines. Regardless of setting, many homeowners as well as some commercial property owners will also ask us to excavate a space for a swimming pool.

Provide Access

In rural locations, the property owner may need to have a road built to connect to a public thoroughfare. Homeowners typically want driveways built, and commercial buildings may need parking lots. Walkways are often high on property owners’ list of priorities. We can build roads, drives and walkways in a variety of ways to give every property owner the access needed.

Finishing Touches

Although final grading may occur at other times during the project, we typically wait until most of the heavy equipment has completed its work. This gives us the opportunity to leave the property in its most pristine condition. We will also remove any debris generated by our work to leave the property neat and clean.

Dirtworks has been providing customers in the Cape Cod area with a full range of excavation services for more than 20 years. We also offer demolition services and are a full-service asphalt paving contractor. Whether you need asphalt sealcoating for your driveway or parking lot, lines painted on a highway, asphalt repairs or parking lot striping, we have the expertise to provide quality work at reasonable rates. If you would like to request an estimate, you can use our online quote request or call us at 508.240.5541.  Please see additional Site Work projects below.


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