Education & Universities

Education & Universities, asphalt paving Education & UniversitiesWhether you are responsible for a local high school or a college campus, you have many duties to perform. One of your responsibilities is to find ways to stretch your budget to ensure that all physical assets can be properly maintained, repaired and replaced as needed. When you seek outside services, it is always a good idea to choose a contractor who understands the special requirements of Educational & Universities. 

Education & Universities | The Importance of the Contractor You Select

Dirtworks knows that you have demands on your time. We know that you need a reliable contractor who can work without your constant attention, do the job right the first time and maintain a safe work site for your students, staff and visitors. We also know that you must work within your budget, so we are happy to help you compile a list of priority tasks.

Typical Services Provided to Educational Facilities

As a full-service excavation and asphalt paving company, Dirtworks can provide you with an extensive range of services. Following are the services that we are commonly asked to provide to educational institutions.

Asphalt Paving: Schools and colleges frequently need asphalt running tracks, sports courts, parking lots and walkways. We can build new pavements, apply overlays to rehabilitate existing pavements or remove the current pavement and replace it.
Asphalt Repairs: Regardless of how tight your budget may be, repairs to cracks, potholes and other damage to your asphalt pavement need to be performed as soon as possible. If water is allowed to leak beneath the pavement, it can destabilize the supporting base, leading to a shorter life for your asset. Furthermore, damaged pavement can present a tripping hazard to pedestrians and potentially inflict damage on vehicles.
Sealcoating: When applied during the pavement’s first year and reapplied as needed, sealcoating can often double the useful life of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating forms a shell on top of the pavement that helps prevent damage from the sun, automotive fluids and traffic. Sealants also refresh the pavement’s color and make it easier to clean.
Asphalt Milling: Although commonly used to enhance bonding between an asphalt pavement and an overlay, milling has many other uses. It can often eliminate depressions in the pavement that allow water to collect or resolve other drainage issues. Milling can also smooth the transition between pavements and remove some types of surface damage.
Reclamation: Reclamation is a popular choice for the repair of asphalt pavement that has suffered alligator cracking, but the procedure also has additional uses. Reclamation is a technique in which the pavement is ground or pounded in place, additives are introduced, the mixture is reinserted and a layer of new asphalt is applied to cover the area. Reclamation is typically a speedier and cheaper alternative to the “cut and replace” method.
Parking Lot Striping: As virtually all educators will agree, the people who are expected to follow the rules must first know the rules. In a parking lot, the rules cover how much room each vehicle can claim, the direction in which traffic should flow, areas where parking is not allowed, where drivers must yield to pedestrians and which spaces are ADA-compliant. Freshly painted stripes and other pavement markings help convey those rules to help ensure order in the parking lot.
Snow Removal: Your students, staff, vendors and other visitors could find it extremely difficult and potentially dangerous if your pavement is covered in ice and snow. However, snow removal should be handled by a professional who has the proper equipment and the experience to know how to remove accumulations without damaging your pavement.
Site Work: Many different services fall under the category of site work. These include grading, removing overgrown vegetation, trenching, constructing roads and walkways, excavations and building berms. Site work can include tasks performed on undeveloped or developed land.

For more than 20 years, the Dirtworks family has delivered exceptional work at reasonable rates. Dirtworks offers services to Education & Universities throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts as well as driveway paving and dirt road repair. We are known for the extra effort we take to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our work. You can request a free quote by completing the online form or calling 508-240-5541.