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Healthcare & Hospitals, asphalt paving Healthcare & HospitalsHealthcare & Hospitals, medical laboratories, clinics and other facilities delivering services must comply with an abundance of regulations without exceeding a budget that may be quite restrictive. Every day, your facility probably receives patients and visitors who have mobility issues and may also have patients arriving or leaving by ambulance. When you need to hire a contractor to perform services, you want to ensure that the return on your investment is maximized and that all work will comply with all applicable regulations.

Healthcare & Hospitals – The Importance of the Contractor You Select

The contractor bears the ultimate responsibility for the quality of the work performed by his employees. If he is inexperienced or dishonest, there is ample reason to suspect that his work will not meet your expectations. He may substitute inferior materials, skip critical steps or inflict damage on the cars parked near the work site, your landscaping or even your building. You need a contractor who will stand behind his work, understands the special challenges of the healthcare industry and shows a willingness to work with your schedule.

Typical Services Provided to Health Care Facilities

Dirtworks understands the compliance issues that must be addressed and how many jobs differ from a job performed for a client in a different industry. Our extensive experience allows us to recommend the most cost-effective solutions and to help you establish your priorities. Commonly requested services are discussed below.

Asphalt Paving: Whether you need asphalt walkways, a parking lot or any other asphalt pavement, Dirtworks can build one from the ground up or replace pavement that has been irreparably damaged. An asphalt overlay may be an economical way to rehabilitate worn pavement that has a sound foundation. Dirtworks understands the ADA regulations covering pavement slope, barriers in the accessible route, curb ramps and other pavement-related issues.
Asphalt Repairs: Keeping your pavement in good repair is important for several reasons. Potholes and other obstacles could be seen as barriers that impede those with disabilities, leaving you open to fines and lawsuits. Should someone be injured or damage their vehicle, you could be held liable. Furthermore, neglected repairs can lead to the premature deterioration of your pavement.
Sealcoating: Although sealcoating is often considered a cosmetic treatment for asphalt pavement, it actually plays a critical role in ensuring the longest life possible for the pavement. Sealcoating delays the penetration of automotive fluids that can soften asphalt pavement, and it blocks the UV rays that turn asphalt pavement dry and brittle.
Asphalt Milling: Sometimes, small issues can have a major effect, and these small issues can often be corrected with asphalt milling. For example, if there is a bump where two pavements connect, milling can remove the bump. If there are low spots that collect water, milling can often remove them.
Asphalt Reclamation: Grinding damaged asphalt pavement in place is often faster and less expensive than the cut-and-replace technique. It is also considered a “greener” alternative.
Parking Lot Striping: Dirtworks is familiar with the different requirements for striping and marking parking lots at health care facilities. We know how to determine how many accessible spaces you will need and how they must be marked. We also know how to lay out your parking lot to obtain the maximum number of stalls, provide the safest angle of parking and ensure the sufficiency of traffic lanes.
Snow Removal: Patients and their visitors, your staff members and your visitors could find it difficult to drive or walk on pavement on which snow has accumulated. However, effective snow and ice removal is best performed by a professional. Otherwise, the spring thaw could reveal pavement damage caused by improper attempts at removal.
Site Work: In general, any work performed that does not become part of the building can be considered site work. Examples include terrain modifications, excavations and land clearing. The construction of a walkway or parking lot on undeveloped land can also be considered site work.

Dirtworks has provided services to Healthcare & Hospitals in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts customers for over 20 years. We offer the above services as well as dirt road repair and driveway paving. When you need a contractor with impeccable references, an understanding of the healthcare industry and a reputation for dependability, quality work, integrity and customer service, contact Dirtworks. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote if you will send in the online form or call our office at 508-240-5541.