Hotels, asphalt paving HotelsThe hospitality industry is highly competitive, so every independent hotel and every chain must constantly seek new ways to build a base of loyal customers. Some hoteliers offer loyalty programs or discounts on subsequent stays. Other hoteliers emphasize the features of their rooms, their helpful staff members or the property’s unusual amenities. However, you are unlikely to ever see an advertisement touting a hotel’s beautifully maintained parking lot — even though the condition of the lot and other exterior components can play a major role in a guest’s decision to stay at the hotel, his perception of the hotel’s quality and his overall satisfaction with his decision.

Hotels | The Importance of the Contractor You Select

When you own or manage a hotel, motel or inn, keeping guests happy and comfortable is critical to your continued success. They will not be happy if the drainage in your parking lot is so poor that they have to wade through puddles to reach the entrance. They will be extremely unhappy if a tire on their vehicle is damaged by a pothole in the pavement. Now try to imagine just how unhappy they will be if the contractor you hire sprays paint or sealcoating on their cars while they are parked in your lot or inflicts some other type of damage. You need a contractor who will go the extra distance to ensure the safety your guests, protect their vehicles and minimize their inconvenience. In other words, you need Dirtworks.

Typical Services Provided to Hotels

Dirtworks offers an extensive range of asphalt paving and excavation services. Whether you are building a new hotel, need your existing parking lot replaced or require repairs on your asphalt pavements, we can help. Listed below are some frequently requested services.

Asphalt Paving: Whether you need an access drive, a parking lot, walkways, a tennis court or any other type of asphalt pavement, we can help. We offer new construction as well as the removal and replacement of existing pavement. In many cases, we can save you money by placing an asphalt overlay that will give you virtually the same results as a replacement pavement at a much lower cost.
Asphalt Repairs: The leading cause of premature deterioration of an asphalt pavement is the failure to have essential repairs made. In addition to posing potential hazards to your guests, potholes and cracks allow water beneath the pavement. The water weakens the pavement’s base, and any damage is magnified if the water freezes. In a relatively brief period, the damage can become so extensive that the pavement cannot be saved and will require a total replacement.
Asphalt Sealcoating: Exposure to the sun’s rays can leave asphalt pavement faded and dingy. Sealcoating brings back the lustrous color of new pavement and provides excellent contrast for pavement markings. However, the primary reason to have asphalt pavement sealed is the protective properties delivered by sealcoating. Sealants helps asphalt pavement retain its moisture, guard against the penetration of destructive automotive fluids and increase the pavement’s ability to remain waterproof.
Asphalt Milling: The controlled removal of a precise depth of asphalt pavement can sometimes provide dramatic results. Milling can often eliminate low spots that allow water to pool, remove bumps at spots where two pavements connect or correct minor, unsightly damage to the pavement’s surface. Milling is also commonly used to prepare asphalt pavement for an overlay.
Asphalt Reclamation: In-place reclamation is frequently an economical and eco-friendly way to rehabilitate asphalt pavement. Instead of cutting out the damaged pavement, it is pulverized, modified and shaped before a new layer of asphalt is applied as a surface course.
Parking Lot Striping: A parking lot without stripes and markings can be extremely chaotic. Drivers and pedestrians become confused and distracted, making the lot less safe. If ADA-mandated markings are missing, you risk fines and may alienate guests.
Snow Removal: If your guests are unhappy about puddles of water, imagine how displeased they will be if you force them to trudge through snow. Keep your guests — and your staff — safer and happier by engaging a professional to remove snow from your parking lot and drive.
Site Work: Whether you are building a new hotel or need work performed on the site of an existing property, we can help. We offer a full line of site work services, including grading, excavations, terrain modifications and asphalt paving.

As a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience serving Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, Dirtworks has built an impeccable reputation for exceptional customer service and exemplary workmanship. Whether you manage a hotel belonging to a national chain or own a small inn, you can count on us to provide you with any of the above services at a competitive price. Request a free quote today by completing the form online or by giving us a call at (508) 240-5541.