Municipalities & Counties

When municipalities and counties hire contractors to provide services, they expect contractors to deliver quality, on-time work at the price bid. Citizens expect the officials in charge of selecting contractors to be responsible stewards who will secure excellent results at the best price possible. However, the lowest bid may not always be the one that should be chosen. Officials must ensure that they receive value for the expenditure. For example, if an asphalt parking lot is expected to last 20 years, an extremely low bid is not a value if the lot must be replaced in 10 years due to shoddy workmanship.

Municipalities & Counties – The Importance of the Contractor Selected

Counties and municipalities need to hire trustworthy contractors who are experienced in meeting the special considerations required by the contract. These considerations may include using materials that conform to detailed specifications, performing work only during certain times or providing periodic status updates on the project. Dirtworks has been serving municipalities and counties in the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts region for more than 20 years, so we understand what is required to address the unique challenges that these types of projects can present. We will work closely with your representative or engineer to ensure that your citizens receive superior work at the best price possible.

Typical Services Provided to Municipalities and Counties

Dirtworks can provide a number of services to municipalities and counties. We can transform a heavily wooded piece of land into a parking lot, widen a main artery or resurface a city street. Here are some of the services that are often requested by municipalities and counties.

Asphalt Paving: As a paving material, asphalt is known for its economical cost, the speed with which it can be installed and its longevity. Streets, parking lots, bike paths, walking trails, playgrounds and tennis courts are just a few of the many ways that asphalt pavement can be used. We can construct new asphalt pavement or remove deteriorated pavement and replace it. In some cases, we may be able to place an overlay on an existing pavement to provide the appearance and functionality of a new pavement at a lower cost.
Asphalt Repairs: Although asphalt pavement is remarkably durable, if repairs are neglected, the pavement can fail long before it should. Cracks and other open areas in the pavement allow water to leak beneath the surface and erode the foundation. Once the foundation becomes incapable of supporting the weight, alligator cracking, potholes and depressions can form rapidly.
Asphalt Sealcoating: A number of different studies have shown that sealcoating prolongs the life of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating screens out the UV rays that leave asphalt pavement dry, faded and easily damaged. Sealants also help protect against damage from automotive fluids and other harsh chemicals. In addition, sealcoating makes asphalt pavement easier to clean and more attractive.
Asphalt Milling: Rough transitions between two pavements can be annoying to drivers, but they also pose tripping hazards to pedestrians and can damage bicycles. Milling can level these transitions. Milling can also help correct issues with the pavement’s drainage, repair low-level damage to the surface of the pavement or remove the pavement so that repairs can be made to the foundation.
Asphalt Reclamation: It is not always necessary to saw out damaged asphalt pavement and completely reconstruct the pavement. Reclamation is a process in which the damaged area is removed by rubbilizing the pavement before overlaying the area with a new surface course. Reclamation is typically less expensive, faster and more environmentally friendly.
Parking Lot Striping: Parking lots can be confusing and potentially hazardous places without defined spaces and visible pavement markings. Traffic arrows, crosswalks, ADA-mandated markings and clearly marked no-parking zones are just some of the ways that a professional striping service can help eliminate chaos in your parking lot. In addition, a freshly painted lot can help your community make a good impression on visitors.
Dirt Road Repair: Whether it is a county road or a village lane, a dirt road can become deeply rutted and potholed. Frequently, the damage occurs when rain cannot drain from the road or when runoff from the surrounding land washes out the road. Regrading a dirt road can typically remove all traces of the damage and can often resolve issues with runoff and drainage.
Snow Removal: A heavy snowfall can affect businesses and residents in a variety of ways. Residents will likely have trouble walking or driving through the accumulated snow to shop, go to work or keep their appointments with doctors, dentists or other health care providers. Businesses can suffer a financial impact due to the scarcity of shoppers or insufficient staffing. However, unless you hire an experienced professional to clear your streets and parking lots, you could find that the snow removal resulted in damage to your pavement.
Site Work: Although Dirtworks is qualified and equipped to handle virtually any type of site work, some tasks are requested by municipalities and counties more frequently than others. These include clearing obstructions from a building site, excavating trenches for water utilities, constructing embankments, excavating for swimming pools, building trails or footpaths, grading the land to ensure adequate drainage and building connecting roads between the site and a nearby street. Dirtworks is also fully insured and licensed to perform demolition work.

Whether you need a small project handled immediately or are planning a large-scale project with multiple phases, Dirtworks has the experience to serve Municipalities & Counties and deliver exceptional results at competitive prices. We are a family owned company serving Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Whether the job involves a simple crack repair, replacing miles of pavement or striping a parking lot, you can count on us for on-time, high-quality work and personalized attention. You can call 508-240-5541 or use the online form to send us your information if you would like to receive a free quote.