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A great part of Chatham’s economy involves the tourist trade. Dirtworks is often asked to provide services to Chatham’s numerous motels, hotels, inns, restaurants and shops. We also serve apartment buildings, offices, recreational venues and health care facilities as well as the owners of residential properties.

Asphalt Paving Chatham, MA: Its relative low cost, ease of construction, durability and low maintenance make asphalt the most popular paving material around. Versatility is another important factor. Whether used to pave large or small parking lots, pedestrian and bicycle paths, tennis and basketball courts, quiet streets or busy highways, asphalt pavement makes the perfect surface for the widest variety of needs.
Driveway Paving Chatham, MA: Homeowners need driveways that are durable, enhance their home’s curb appeal and are easy to maintain. Asphalt pavement meets all of these requirements. Dirtworks can install new or replacement driveways of virtually any configuration or size.
Asphalt Repairs Chatham, MA: A properly constructed asphalt surface can survive for many decades with minimal maintenance. When problems do arise, asphalt pavement can usually be repaired quickly and easily with little to no downtime. However, repairs should be made as soon as possible to minimize damage.
Asphalt Sealcoating Chatham, MA: Sealcoating your asphalt pavement can drastically extend its life. Asphalt sealcoating protects it from damaging UV rays as well as from oils and chemicals. A periodic reapplication of the sealcoating material is recommended as an ongoing preventive maintenance measure.
Asphalt Milling Chatham, MA: Milling is the process of removing a desired depth of asphalt pavement by grinding to repair surface imperfections or to improve drainage. Deeper milling depths are sometimes necessary to repair the subbase or base.
Reclamation Chatham, MA: If the asphalt pavement requires total replacement, a lower-cost alternative may be full-depth reclamation. With this process, the existing layers of asphalt are pulverized and blended to make a new base. A new asphalt surface is then applied over this base.
Parking Lot Striping Chatham, MA: Besides making your parking lot look much better, some parking lot striping is governed by local, state or federal codes or laws. Every parking lot must be ADA-compliant and have the proper markings and colors applied to the appropriate parking spaces. A properly striped parking lot creates a safer parking lot environment.
Dirt Road Repair Chatham, MA: Dirt roads are particularly prone to rapid deterioration due to their lack of a hard protective surface. Ruts and potholes can form that make the road dangerous or impossible to use. Fortunately, regrading the dirt road can often be done quickly with little inconvenience to motorists.
Snow Removal Chatham, MA: Driving to work through snow can be very annoying and dangerous. Quick and efficient removal of snow from roadways keeps traffic moving safely so that shoppers and businesses can continue normal activity. Parking lots are also critical pavements to keep free from accumulated or drifted snow.
Site Work Chatham, MA: Although some site work begins with undeveloped land, some demolition may be required before construction can begin. Roads may need to be planned and built before clearing of the site begins. Grading, excavations and terrain modifications may also need to be performed.

Dirtworks offers the above services to clients in Chatham, MA, Cape Cod and the Southeastern Massachusetts area. We are a family owned operation with more than two decades of experience and an impeccable reputation. If you need exceptional quality at a reasonable fee, contact us for a free quote by completing the online form or calling (508) 240-5541.