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At Dirtworks, we offer the following services to restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, stores, health care facilities, museums, office buildings, churches and homeowners in Dennis.

Driveway Paving Dennis, MA: Whether you need to replace a worn-out driveway or have a new one built, asphalt pavement is fast and economical to install.
Asphalt Sealcoating Dennis, MA: If all other factors are equal, asphalt pavement that has had its sealcoating maintained can often last twice as long as one that has not been sealed. In addition to its protective properties, sealcoating also improves the aesthetic appeal of asphalt pavement.
Parking Lot Striping Dennis, MA: Crisp stripes and pavement markings improve the safety and appearance of a parking lot. Furthermore, professional parking lot striping helps ensure that the lot is marked to comply with the ADA.
Asphalt Paving Dennis, MA: Paving includes the replacement of existing pavement, the construction of a new pavement and the application of an overlay on top of existing pavement.
Asphalt Repairs Dennis, MA: Timely repairs are critical to the longevity of asphalt pavement. Neglected cracks or other breaks can allow water to penetrate the foundation and erode it.
Asphalt Milling Dennis, MA: Milling offers the ability to control the depth of pavement that is removed. The procedure can be used to remove the full depth of the pavement, but it is more commonly used to correct minor issues, including surface imperfections, rough transitions and improper drainage.
Reclamation Dennis, MA: Reclamation is similar — but not identical — to in-place recycling. Reclamation can be a lower cost alternative to standard repair techniques.
Snow Removal Dennis, MA: Snow removal is necessary to ensure that vehicle and pedestrian traffic can flow smoothly and safely. However, it is a task that is best left to professionals; inexperienced workers can leave gouges in the pavement, tear out repairs or strip the pavement’s sealcoating.
Dirt Road Repair Dennis, MA: A major problem with dirt roads is that a heavy rain can turn them into rutted, hazardous mud puddles. Professional regrading can repair the damage and possibly solve the drainage problems.
Site Work Dennis, MA: In broad terms, site work can be defined as all work performed at a building site that is not part of the actual structure. Land clearing, grading, excavations, the construction of access roads, terrain modifications and the installation of septic systems are some of the tasks that can be considered site work.

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