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Dirtworks serves homeowners, restaurants, health care facilities, apartment complexes, shopping centers, hotels, schools, inns, churches, recreational venues and office buildings in Orleans. Our commonly requested services are shown below.

Asphalt Paving Orleans, MA: Used for centuries for its excellent waterproofing qualities and natural adhesive characteristics, asphalt has remained an important building material. Extensively used today as a paving material, asphalt paving can be used on everything from parking lots to all forms of roadways as well as basketball courts and running paths.
Driveway Paving Orleans, MA: Asphalt driveways are economical, attractive and long-lasting. Repairs as well as initial installations are quick. When properly maintained, an asphalt driveway can provide decades of use.
Asphalt Repairs Orleans, MA: Although known for its durability, asphalt still requires periodic maintenance and repair. Often, an asphalt surface can be repaired with minimal downtime and put back into immediate use. However, if repairs are not made in a timely manner, the damage will worsen and the life of the pavement will be reduced.
Asphalt Sealcoating Orleans, MA: A preventive maintenance schedule of periodic sealcoating has been proven to extend the life of an asphalt surface and minimize the need for repairs over its life. Sealcoating also adds to the aesthetics of the pavement.
Asphalt Milling Orleans, MA: The process of asphalt milling is done to alleviate or repair uneven adjoining surfaces, remove layers for resurfacing and to correct or repair drainage problems. Asphalt milling is often used to remove surface imperfections to quickly improve the functionality of the pavement.
Reclamation Orleans, MA: Asphalt pavement is a natural material with complete recyclability. Full-depth reclamation is the process of crushing and blending the existing layers of asphalt, including the surface layer and underlying layers, to form a new, stabilized base before applying a new asphalt surface. Reclamation is typically more cost-effective than traditional repairs that require sawing out the damaged area and replacing it with new asphalt.
Parking Lot Striping Orleans, MA: A properly marked and maintained parking lot greatly improves the accessibility and safety of drivers and pedestrians. Dirtworks is familiar with all codes and laws involving the requirements for properly marked parking lots.
Dirt Road Repair Orleans, MA: Because dirt roads have little or no applied surface, they are very susceptible to drainage problems. Repairs can be made, but eventually, the dirt road will need to be regraded. Proper grading is essential to maintain the integrity of the surface, remove ruts, fill potholes and correct drainage.
Snow Removal Orleans, MA: The accumulation of snow on roads and parking lots makes them potentially hazardous and slows progress. Quick and efficient removal of snow facilitates the flow of traffic and helps protect businesses from financial repercussions. Snow removal should be done properly so that damage to the pavement does not occur.
Site Work Orleans, MA: Initial site work often starts with gathering the proper permits before actual work begins. The scope of the work will depend on the requirements of the customer, the condition of the site and the level of development intended for the site. Site work encompasses a variety of services, including land clearing, excavations, terrain modifications, paving and grading.

If you are in need of any of the above services, contact Dirtworks. Dirtworks has served Orleans, MA, Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts customers for over 20 years. We are proud of the exemplary reputation we have earned for our dedication to providing high-quality work and our commitment to customer service. To receive a free quote, call our office at 508-240-5541 or fill out our convenient online form.