Commercial Asphalt Paving

Your parking lot or other asphalt pavements represent capital assets that are expected to provide a return on your investment over a period of years. Whether your pavement will deliver on your expectations depends on a variety of factors. The engineering must be correct, the design needs to be optimized, the installation must be of sufficient quality and the pavement will need to be maintained throughout its useful life. Therefore, a successful commercial paving job begins with the selection of a dependable, trustworthy, experienced asphalt contractor — such as Dirtworks. 

Why Is Dirtworks the Right Contractor for Your Commercial Paving Needs?

At Dirtworks, we pay attention to details, are knowledgeable about the materials available and have the experience to deal with a wide variety of soils and pavement construction techniques. We know how to handle large projects to ensure that the pavement drains properly and that it will support the types of traffic it is expected to bear. We know how to amend poor soils, construct a proper foundation and select the appropriate asphalt mix. In addition, we have an inventory of well-maintained equipment to help keep your project on schedule. 

We understand that you need to minimize the inconvenience to your customers and employees, so we strive to create a plan that will have the least impact on your daily operations. If you are having a new parking lot installed, we understand that it must be open by a specific date to avoid any potential impact on your business. We will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and special requirements. 

Can Dirtworks Help Maintain My Commercial Pavement?

We offer an extensive range of repair and maintenance services for asphalt paving. Without preventive maintenance, asphalt pavement can deteriorate long before it should. Alligator cracking, potholes and foundation erosion are some of the damages that neglected pavement can incur, so to avoid costlier repairs, cracks in asphalt pavement should be filled quickly to prevent water penetration. Sealcoating can help keep the pavement from drying out and losing its color. Clogged drains, low spots in the pavement that allow water to pool and water that collects along the edges of the pavement should be remedied as soon as possible. Areas of pavement that have been softened by automotive fluids may need to be patched. At Dirtworks, we offer sealcoating, asphalt overlays, asphalt repairs and asphalt milling as well as asphalt paving and repaving services. 

If you need commercial pavement installed or maintained, trust the professionals at Dirtworks. We are a locally owned company providing quality work at reasonable rates throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our other services include site work, asphalt reclamation, parking lot striping and dirt road repair. We offer free estimates by phone at 508-240-5541; if you prefer, you can complete our online quote request.

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