Are You Frustrated With U.S. Highways

Are You Frustrated With U.S. Highways

Are You Frustrated With U.S. Highways,Americans are a mobile society. They enjoy the freedom of the open road, whether they are travelling across the country to visit relatives or making a day trip to take in nearby attractions. Many of them rely on their cars for commuting to work, shopping or taking children to school. None of this would be possible without a network of highways and local roads. To better understand what drivers expect from their road system, a nationwide survey was conducted in which drivers were asked to prioritize the most important traits they needed their roads to provide.

Are You Frustrated With U.S. Highways – Here Are The Results

The survey found that drivers want:

• Roads that are properly maintained.
• Roads that are safe.
• Roads that offer a comfortable, smooth ride.
• Repairs and maintenance that is performed during times when the roads are least busy.

Asphalt pavement meets all of these criteria better than concrete pavement.

• Maintenance and repairs on asphalt pavement require less time than concrete. Asphalt has a short curing time, meaning that work areas can be reopened to traffic sooner. In addition, the work area is often much smaller than is needed to repair a concrete road, which typically requires lengthy detours or creates congested areas that are frustrating for drivers.
• Most asphalt work can be performed late at night or between rush hours to keep problems for drivers at a minimum.
• In terms of safety, asphalt pavement wins again. Concrete pavement tends to be slicker when wet or icy. It is also rougher than asphalt, frequently developing damages that can change a vehicle’s line of travel.
Asphalt is the smoother pavement, which makes the ride more comfortable for those who travel along it. Furthermore, the smoother the pavement, the better the fuel efficiency of vehicles will be. Rough roads are also tough on cars, wearing out tires, suspension components and other parts faster than smooth roads.

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