Your Asphalt Paving Construction Site

Your Asphalt Paving Construction Site

Your Asphalt Paving Construction Site, cape codExperts report that it took the Romans eight years to build the Colosseum, but Gillette Stadium was opened a little more than two years after construction started. Historians believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza took almost 20 years to complete. The Sears Tower, now officially known as the Willis Tower, was completed in approximately three years, but the Leaning Tower of Pisa was constructed in three phases that spanned almost two centuries and began to tilt before the second floor was finished. Therefore, although there were many impressive structures erected without the aid of power tools, technology or modern engineering methods, it becomes obvious that with the proper tools, it is possible to erect a building in much less time without sacrificing quality. The principle is the same whether you are building a skyscraper, a road, a home or a parking lot; without the right equipment, the job will take longer and the results are probably going to be inferior. The right equipment is especially important for asphalt paving.

Your Asphalt Paving Construction Site – The Story

Equipment has been Evolving Rapidly

The first asphalt roads built in America used horse-drawn rollers for compaction. Compared to these rollers, modern machines provide better compaction in a fraction of the time. Similar benefits can be found in graders, milling machines and virtually every other piece of equipment used by asphalt professionals; the newer pieces of equipment simply do a better job in less time. If you hire an asphalt contractor who is trying to make do with obsolete equipment, the quality of his finished work may not be as good as the quality provided by a contractor with equipment that incorporates all that technology can offer.

Delays are Likely

Old or poorly maintained equipment is more prone to mechanical failure. Sometimes, it is just a matter of having to restart the equipment every hour or two, and while a single delay of five minutes or so is not consequential, several such delays over the course of a day can total more than an hour of lost time. Unfortunately, it is more common for equipment failures to result in delays of four to eight hours, and some delays can extend to as long as a week.

Your Image Suffers

It is not the name of the asphalt contractor that people will see when they enter or pass by your property. They see your name, and they will associate you with the equipment that they see working on your site. If the equipment has peeling paint or is unusually dirty, people may assume that you do not place much importance on the details that go into providing a quality product or service.

Dirtworks Believes in Quality Equipment

At Dirtworks, we offer not only a complete range of asphalt services but also excavations, milling and site work. Over the more than 20 years we have been serving customers throughout the greater Cape Cod area, we have seen the problems that other contractors have experienced with poorly maintained or outdated equipment. We have always believed in purchasing the best equipment possible and taking care of it properly. When you hire us, you can count on our crews to arrive at your site with equipment that functions as it should and looks its best. Our services include road construction, cellar excavations, demolitions and asphalt reclamation. Whether you need a driveway constructed or a parking lot sealed and striped, we can help. Call 508-240-5541 or complete the online form to receive a free estimate.