Asphalt Paving Requires Teamwork

Asphalt Paving Requires Teamwork

Asphalt Paving Requires Teamwork, asphalt paving easthamOnce an asphalt paving project is underway, the last thing your paving contractor wants is to experience a delay. Delays can make customers unhappy, especially if the customer has to keep his area closed longer than was anticipated. Delays can make contractors unhappy; after all, every delay can potentially cost him money. However, the main reason that contractors hate delays is that a delay can affect the quality of the work. For example, asphalt must be compacted while it is still workable, and the time for that to occur may be no more than 10 minutes. To keep the paving process on track, the entire crew must function as a team in a carefully choreographed flow of actions.

Asphalt Paving Requires Teamwork

Primary Crew Members and Their Responsibilities

On a paving job, each member of the crew needs to perform their tasks in a time-sensitive, precise manner that does not compromise workplace safety or the integrity of the finished pavement. Every crew member must know where to be, when to be there, what to do and how to perform their assigned tasks correctly and efficiently. The exact number of crew members depends on the scope of the job, so some positions may have multiple people performing the same task.

• Truck drivers are responsible for picking up material from the asphalt plant and delivering it to the site. Drivers must stay on schedule to ensure that asphalt arrives when it is needed. When the truck reaches the work area, the driver will dump the load by opening the tailgate of the truck and inching the truck forward. Drivers follow the instructions provided by the paver operator or the dump person to ensure that the load is properly aligned for the equipment that will follow. After the material has been dumped, the driver will be notified to pull away. He or she may remove any residue from the truck before picking up another load from the asphalt plant.
• The dump person is responsible for maintaining contact with truck drivers to direct them into position, guide the dumping process and notify them to pull away. If asphalt is unloaded straight into the paver, the dump person will be responsible for ensuring the hopper level is adequate. Throughout, the dump person will watch for potential safety hazards.
• Paver operators play a critical role in controlling the pace of the paving operation. They must communicate with both the screed operator and the truck driver to ensure that the delivery, capacity and compaction are properly balanced.
• Screed operators follow behind paver operators, so there is constant communication between the operators of the two machines. Screed operators monitor the surface texture and make any adjustments required to make sure that the mat texture is correct.
• Breakdown compactor operators roll the mix to achieve compaction and reduce air voids. Operators must adhere to a pre-established plan that specifies the rolling pattern and the number of passes. The primary goal is to achieve uniform compaction and density.
• Finish compactor operators may sometimes help provide additional compaction, but their primary job is to remove any surface imperfections left by the other machines.
• Members of the ground crew typically perform any hand work needed. Their primary tools are rakes, shovels and lutes. They may clean spilled mix, remove large chunks from the mix, perform work in hard-to-access areas, clean the equipment or help get equipment ready to go. They are also an essential part of a safe work environment.

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