Asphalt Repair & Property Management

Asphalt Repair & Property Management

Asphalt Repair & Property Management, Cape Cod MAIt may surprise you to learn that many business owners and municipalities are very concerned with maximizing their investment in asphalt pavement but fail to realize that damaged pavements can represent significant liabilities. Potholes are far more than just an aesthetic issue; they can cause injuries or damage vehicles.

Asphalt Repair & Property Management -Why It’s Important

Some property management companies believe that they are saving money by not having potholes, uneven pavement or cracks repaired. However, asphalt repair and property management — and substantial additional funds — can quickly evaporate if it becomes necessary to hire an attorney to defend against a personal injury suit. Should the plaintiff win, the award can reach astounding heights, such as the 2015 case where a plaintiff was awarded $350 million for injuries suffered while bicycling that were directly related to the condition of the pavement.

How Can a Pothole Cause a Significant Injury?

A pothole can cause injuries to anyone who bikes, drives or walks on your pavement. People riding a motorcycle or bicycle can be thrown from their bike when the front wheel hits the pothole. Even if they are wearing a helmet, they could suffer a head injury or injure their back or neck. Pedestrians are at risk of tripping on the jagged pavement around a pothole and falling, which can result in head injuries or broken bones. Automobile drivers who lose control of their steering when their vehicle encounters a pothole could strike and injure a pedestrian or cyclist; they could also strike another vehicle, resulting in injuries to themselves and/or the occupants of the other vehicle.

What About Minor Injuries?

Some injuries do not justify hiring an attorney, so the injured party simply goes on about his or her business. However, a customer who falls and scrapes his elbow in a store’s parking lot may respond by taking his business elsewhere, and an employee who twists his ankle in a pothole may file a workers’ compensation claim if he is unable to work due to his injury. Thus, even relatively minor injuries can have financial repercussions for business owners, property management companies and municipalities.

How Can Property Managers Protect Themselves?

A proactive plan that includes regular inspections and prompt repairs to minor damages is an excellent way to avoid unpleasant “pothole incidents.” Maintaining your sealcoating, making sure that blades do not gouge the pavement when clearing snow and keeping pavement free from debris are recommended methods of protecting asphalt pavement and preventing potholes.
Who Repairs Potholes in the Cape Cod Area?

Dirtworks is a full-service asphalt paving contractor with over two decades of experience in all phases of asphalt installation, maintenance and repairs. We believe asphalt repair and property management work together. We pride ourselves on delivering superior work at reasonable rates. In addition to pothole repairs, we also install new pavement, apply sealcoating, repair cracks, apply pavement markings and offer an extensive range of excavation services. You can reach us at (508) 240-5541, or you can use our online form to request a free job quote.