Benefits – Asphalt Milling

Benefits – Asphalt Milling

Benefits - Asphalt Milling, Cape Cod, MA Suppose you were to build a street that is surfaced with 4 inches of asphalt. You install curbs and gutters, and the property owners construct drives that transition smoothly to the street.

Benefits – Asphalt Milling And Why It Works

When the asphalt pavement reaches the end of its life, what would happen if you were to install another 4 inches of asphalt on top of the existing street? Your curbs and gutters would be ineffective, and the driveway transitions would be rough. This is why it is important to remove the same depth of old asphalt as you will be replacing. Historically, the removal was accomplished by tearing out all of the pavement down to the base. In recent decades, however, the popularity of milling the asphalt instead of ripping it all out has been increasing due to the following benefits.

More Economical

There are many expenses that contractors must consider when determining the cost of a job. The amount of asphalt needed, the time that will be required, the hauling charges and the types of equipment needed are just a few of these factors. Milling allows the removal of asphalt pavement to a specified depth, so less asphalt will be needed to replace it. Less pavement will need to be trucked to the processing plant, so that cost is less. Milling is faster than total removal, so the contractor’s labor costs are reduced — and your area is opened to traffic in less time.

Wicking Effect is Minimized

The wicking effect occurs when heavy equipment passes over a surface multiple times. Underlying water can be “wicked” to the top and leave the surface too soft to install pavement without additional work. Traditional removal methods require equipment to pass over the surface up to five times more than is required for milling. This drastically reduces the possibility of encountering wicking, and you save money because the contractor has to do less work to install the new pavement.

Drainage Issues can be Corrected

Drainage systems can be left untouched if there is no problem. However, if the existing pavement has drainage issues, they can be corrected as part of the milling process.

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