Commercial Asphalt Paving Requirements

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requirements

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requirements, asphalt company cape codMany commercial clients dread having asphalt pavement installed. One of the most difficult tasks they will face is the selection of a competent contractor to handle the project. The wrong contractor could have undesirable consequences. It could mean that your customers, employees or tenants will be inconvenienced unnecessarily. Your pavement may not have the longevity or visual appeal that you deserve. You could experience cost overruns or completion delays. Unfortunately, many commercial clients are unaware of the qualities that an asphalt contractor needs to plan and execute a commercial paving project.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requirements – Experience

The first thing you should look for is a contractor with experience in commercial paving. There are numerous differences between commercial and residential paving. If the contractor does not know all of these differences, the project may be doomed to failure. Here are some of the many differences between commercial paving and residential paving.

• Designing a commercial pavement is much more complex than designing virtually all types of residential paving projects. Commercial pavements require the structural strength to carry the loads to which they will be subjected. Everything from the depth of the foundation to the appropriate thickness of the asphalt layers must be carefully planned to ensure that the pavement will have the strength to endure the volume and weight of the traffic. The pavements must be designed to have proper drainage, which may include installing storm drains or curbs to help disperse runoff.
• The materials used for residential projects are not necessarily the best for commercial projects. Asphalt mixes are available in many different formulations, including custom mixes. Different mix formulas provide different benefits. An improper mix can cause unsatisfactory results.
• Quality equipment is essential if a commercial paving project is to succeed. Residential asphalt contractors may not have the right type of equipment to handle a commercial paving project. A commercial paving contractor will have the necessary equipment, but he will also make sure that it is properly maintained so that it will operate correctly and not fail in the middle of the job.
• A commercial paving project represents a significant financial investment. To get the best return on your investment, you will need to ensure that your pavement receives professional maintenance. An experienced contractor has seen asphalt pavements in various conditions, giving him the insight to know the procedures that will provide the most useful results. He will be able to recommend the best schedule for preventive maintenance and the proper repair procedures to prolong the life of your new pavement.

Finding the Right Contractor

When you are looking for the best contractor to handle your commercial paving project, you may need to conduct a bit of research. The following tips can help you feel confident that you have selected the right contractor.

• Ask for referrals from other property owners, asphalt suppliers or commercial property managers.
• When you have a list of several possible contractors, ask each to provide you with references. Look for clients for whom the contractor completed similar projects. Call the references and ask about the quality of the work that the contractor performed, the professionalism of the contractor and his crew, whether there were any delays and whether the job was completed for the price quoted.
• When soliciting bids, make sure that each contractor is quoting identical specifications. Every contractor should provide you with itemized quotes, so be sure that you compare each line item.
• A reputable contractor will be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding an item on his quote, his construction schedule, the experience of his crew, the type of equipment he has or any other detail. If a contractor refuses to discuss the specifics of your project or does not show respect for your concerns, eliminate him from your list.

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