Dirtworks Makes Asphalt Paving Safe

Dirtworks Makes Asphalt Paving Safe

Dirtworks Makes Asphalt Paving Safe Cod Cape MADirtworks makes asphalt paving safe for the protection of our employees, our customers and the general public. Our crews appreciate our focus on their safety, and they respond positively — they are more cheerful, deliver exceptional results and are more vigilant about safety in their personal lives. We offer constant training and regularly scheduled meetings to ensure that every worker is aware of what constitutes a safe work environment. The list of topics is too extensive to include here, but the following samples should give you an idea of how seriously we take workplace safety.

Why Dirtworks Makes Asphalt Paving Safe

Ensuring Traffic Control

Frequently, our crews must work in the immediate vicinity of passing vehicles. There is always the possibility of a passing driver who is intoxicated, distracted, sleepy or inexperienced posing a risk to our workers. Dirtworks makes asphalt paving safe means require all crews to take sufficient steps to mitigate this risk.

1. We schedule work at night or other off-peak times whenever possible. By reducing the number of vehicles passing, we reduce the potential risks to our crews.
2. We require crews to place warning signs and vehicle obstacles before and around the work area. The exact placement is determined by the scope of the work, the speed of the traffic and other factors.
3. We deploy flaggers and/or lookouts whenever the situation makes their use desirable, such as when crews are working around a blind curve or traffic needs control beyond the use of barricades.

Ensuring Safe Operation of Equipment

Asphalt paving operations require the use of heavy equipment and machinery. In addition, asphalt trucks typically make periodic deliveries.

1. No employee is allowed to operate any piece of equipment or machinery without being fully trained.
2. We require operators to conduct a safety inspection on each machine prior to starting their shifts.
3. Equipment is not to be moved from a stopped position without a warning signal.
4. Operators cannot leave their seats without first engaging the parking brake and idling down the machine.
5. Paving machines cannot be operated at a speed that forces the ground crew to work in a careless or unsafe manner.
6. When asphalt trucks are delivering product, the area around the hopper of the paving machine must be cleared of personnel.

General Safety Precautions

Dirtworks makes asphalt paving safe on any job site, there are a variety of steps that workers can take to help make the area safer.

1. We require our workers to wear the appropriate personal protective gear whenever they are on the site.
2. We require all workers to report any safety issues they encounter immediately to their supervisor, and the supervisor is to suspend work until the issue has been remedied.
3. We instruct employees never to walk behind a backing vehicle and never to stand between a backing vehicle and a solid object, such as a piece of equipment, brick wall or tree.

Dirtworks serves customers in the Cape Cod area with a full range of asphalt services, including asphalt paving, asphalt repairs and asphalt sealcoating. We also offer excavation services and site work. For more than 20 years, our crews have been delivering superior work at competitive rates. If you would like to receive a free quote, you can submit our online form or call us at 508-240-5541.

Dirtworks Makes Asphalt Paving Safe!