How Sand Helps Sealcoating Last Longer

How Sand Helps Sealcoating Last Longer

How Sand Helps Sealcoating Last Longer, MCE Dirtworks, sealcoating, asphalt paving, Cape CodEvery asphalt contractor who has been in business for more than a few months has heard his share of myths related to the industry. One such myth is that there is no need to include sand in the sealcoating mix. Skipping the sand may help a contractor prolong the life of his equipment, but it does so by shortening the life of the sealcoating he applies. It also exposes the customer to potential lawsuits.

How Sand Helps Sealcoating Last Longer

Sand Reduce Potential Liability

Sealcoating that has no sand is very slippery, and the pavement can also reflect sunlight to create a glare. Sand reduces glare, which can leave drivers with a blind spot or distract them from the safe operation of their vehicles. Sand also increases traction, so pedestrians will be less likely to slip and perhaps injure themselves. Vehicles will be less likely to skid and damage their vehicles, strike a pedestrian or damage other people’s cars.

Manufacturers Recommend Silica Sand

Sealcoating must be mixed according to a precise ratio of liquids to solids. Each manufacturer provides instructions for mixing sealants, but all manufacturers recommend using silica sand, concentrated sealant and water. If special additives are needed, the instructions will also contain information on how to adjust the first three ingredients to maintain the proper ratio.

If a contractor decides to leave the sand out of the mix, there are only three things he can do. He can decrease the amount of water, increase the amount of sealant or alter neither the water nor the concentrated sealant. None of these options will produce a sealant that will hold up properly — assuming the contractor can find some method of applying it in anything resembling an acceptable manner. The sealcoating will fail prematurely, leaving you to face repeated applications or risking the integrity of your pavement.

What Else Does Sand Do?

Over time, asphalt pavement can develop tiny surface cracks or suffer minor “dings” that mar its beauty. If the sealant was mixed with sand, the sand will settle in these voids. After the sealcoating dries, the pavement will have a more attractive, even surface.

Who Does Sealcoating the Right Way?

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