Closing My Business For Sealcoating And Paving

Closing My Business For Sealcoating And Paving

Closing My Business For Sealcoating And Paving, excavation company, It is virtually impossible to have your parking lot sealcoated or paved without closing the area. However, asphalt contractors attempt to hold the time that the lot must be closed to a minimum. They might perform the work while the business is closed, such as on a holiday or weekend. They might work overnight when traffic in your parking lot is light. If you have a large enough lot with more than one entry point, contractors may be able to section it off and complete the work on one section before closing the next.

Your contractor is the best source of information regarding how long the work area will need to be closed. Every site is different, and factors such as the air temperature will also need to be evaluated. In general:

• Sealcoating can normally be walked on within just a few hours of application. However, vehicles should not be permitted until sometime the following day.
• If you have paving work done, expect to have your lot closed up to 24 hours after the work is completed. Depending on the specifics of your job, the closing might be reduced to as little as 12 hours, or it might be extended. Although only your contractor can give you an accurate time, pedestrian traffic is normally not allowed until the next day.

The more efficiently the job can progress, the sooner your lot can be reopened. You can help accomplish this by:

• Making sure that the contractor can access work areas that lie behind a locked gate. Leave the key on-premises with a responsible employee, for example. Let your contractor know how to retrieve the key.
• Turning off your automatic sprinkler system. Ask your contractor about the timing; normally, sprinkler systems need to be deactivated by the time work begins and not reactivated until the work site has dried or cured.

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