Preparing for Parking Lot Striping

Preparing for Parking Lot Striping

Preparing for Parking Lot Striping, Barnstable, Plymouth, MAHow did your parking lot fare over the winter? If you notice that your parking lot striping or pavement markings are faded or damaged, rest assured that yours is not the only parking lot that emerged in the spring in need of rejuvenation. There is some good news, however. Spring is a great time to have your parking lot striped. Temperatures are in the “Goldilocks” zone — not too hot and not too cold.

The Importance of Parking Lot Striping

Fresh paint can make a dramatic improvement in the curb appeal of your property whether it is applied to your parking lot, the trim on your building or your painted signs. However, when it comes to your parking lot, the markings do more than just look nice. They help drivers and pedestrians navigate your lot in a safe, efficient manner. Markings also keep you in compliance with local ordinances and federal law, such as mandatory markings for fire zones or ADA-compliant parking spaces.

How to Prepare Your Lot for Striping

Closing your parking lot for even a short time can disrupt your business, so you want to ensure that the work can progress efficiently and quickly. You can help make this happen if you take a few actions to prepare for striping ahead of time.

• Make a list of all services that you need in addition to striping, such as crack sealing or sealcoating.
• If you have a 24-hour operation and a large lot, talk to your contractor about having striping done in sections so that you can limit disruptions to your employees or customers.
• Clear your parking lot of debris or items that will impede the striping, including piles of leaves, palletized materials, gravel or tree limbs that fell over the winter.
• Ask your contractor whether you should have the lot swept. It should be ready for your contractor to power wash it, which sometimes requires sweeping it first to remove excessive sand, gravel or other particulate matter.
• Decide upon an alternative parking location for your tenants, customers or employees while the markings are being applied. Make sure you notify them of where they should park and the date that the striping is scheduled.

Engage a Professional

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