Prioritize Crack Repair To Maintain Asphalt Maintenance

Prioritize Crack Repair To Maintain Asphalt Maintenance

Prioritize Crack Repair To Maintain Asphalt Maintenance, paving, asphalt paving, reclamation, asphalt millingCape Cod winters are typically not as severe as in many other inland locations, but if there is one thing that long-time residents have learned, it is that predicting winter weather is impossible. However, the overnight temperatures average below freezing for four months out of the year, and these same months also average the highest amounts of precipitation. These two statistics indicate that repairing cracks in asphalt pavement before the arrival of winter should be prioritized if you want to avoid costly repairs next spring.

Prioritize Crack Repair To Maintain Asphalt Maintenance – How Cracks Lead to Failure

Asphalt pavement needs a stable base if it is to remain resilient and strong. Regardless of how well your contractor compacted the base when installing your asphalt pavement, if water reaches it, it can become eroded. An eroded base can allow the pavement to subside, which can lead to alligator cracking, uneven pavement and potholes. The longer that cracks remain open to the elements, the greater the amount of water that can reach the base. In addition, when the water freezes, the resulting expansion makes matters even worse. Furthermore, cracks let automotive fluids reach additional layers of asphalt, turning it soft and crumbly. It is possible for an expanse of asphalt pavement to require complete replacement after just one winter if a sufficient number of cracks exist.

All Crack Repairs Are Not Equal

Over the years, a number of different methods for repairing cracks in asphalt pavement have been developed. However, some methods work better than others. In the Cape Cod area, hot-pour rubberized filler offers the best performance as it remains flexible when temperatures fluctuate. Full-depth or skin patches are another option that can work extremely well if the cracking is extensive.

Sealcoating Is Another Maintenance Procedure to Perform in the Fall

In addition to repairing cracks, ensuring that your sealcoating is in good shape is another way to protect your asphalt pavement from the ravages of winter. Sealcoating forms a protective barrier against salt, chemical deicers and automotive fluids. It also protects your asphalt pavement from the sun’s damaging effects and restores the pavement’s dark color.

Who to Call for Help

We understand the unique challenges presented by winters on the Cape. MCE Dirtworks is a locally owned, full-service paving and excavation company with more than 20 years of experience. Our services include crack filling and pothole repair, asphalt paving, parking lot markings and sealcoating, and we also offer reclamation and asphalt milling. Our team members are highly qualified and have the expertise needed to give you exceptional quality at competitive prices. If you would like to receive a free estimate, call (508) 240-5541 or complete the online form.

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