Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather, paving asphalt Everyone understands that it is not possible to apply sealant when it is pouring rain or when asphalt pavement is covered in snow. However, many people do not realize that there are other weather-related factors that can have an impact on a sealcoating job. These other factors all have one thing in common: They affect the rate at which the water in the sealant will evaporate.

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather – Moisture in the Air

The amount of moisture in the air, or humidity level, affects the rate of evaporation. Air absorbs water molecules that are in a gaseous state, but eventually, the air will become so saturated that it cannot handle any more water. The higher the humidity level, the less capable the air is of absorbing additional water molecules; this slows down the process of evaporation. Sealant manufacturers recommend that their products be applied when the humidity is at or below 50 percent and that sealant should never be applied if the humidity is greater than 90 percent.

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather – Circulation of Air

When water molecules escape into the air, they form a layer just above the liquid substance from which they escaped. This raises the humidity level, impeding additional evaporation. Moving this layer away so that evaporation can continue requires the air to circulate. If there is absolutely no breeze, the air will not be able to circulate properly, so evaporation will be slowed. Sealants will dry faster if the wind speed is at least 3 mph.

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather – Temperature

If you have ever observed a pot of boiling water, you probably noticed the way that bubbles bounce around while the heat is on but calm after the pot is removed from the heat source. Heat makes the molecules move faster and at a greater distance, raising the rate of evaporation. The same concept applies to sealcoating; on a warm day, the molecules will be more excited than they would be on a cool day, so the sealant will dry faster. Sealant manufacturers instruct that their products should be applied when the temperature will be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the application and curing process.

Sealcoating & Cape Cod Weather – Sunny vs. Cloudy

Even if all other factors are identical, water evaporates slower on a cloudy day than a sunny one. Sunlight creates heat, but it also regenerates it throughout the day. When the skies are overcast, there will be less heat created and less heat regenerated. When contractors have no alternative but to apply sealant on a cloudy day, they know that they must allow additional time for the sealcoating to dry.

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