Tack Coat Enhances Paving Performance

Tack Coat Enhances Paving Performance

Tack Coat Enhances Paving Performance, asphalt paving contractor cape cod maApplying tack coat when installing an overlay or new pavement is an economical way to enhance the durability of asphalt pavement. However, the use of tack coat is often not completely understood by those who are not involved with the asphalt industry. Here are a few facts that you need to know about tack coats.

Tack Coat Enhances Paving Performance – What Materials Are Used?

Two types of tack coats are the most commonly used. Asphalt binder, which is the same ingredient that is found in hot-mix asphalt, can be used as a tack coat. Asphalt emulsion, which consists of asphalt binder, an emulsifier and water, is also a common formula for tack coat.

What Are the Advantages of Tack Coat?

Tack Coat enhances paving performance by establishing a stronger bond. This reduces or eliminates slippage between the two layers. A strong bond is also important for distributing the load of traffic throughout the entire pavement, making it less prone to shoving and cracking.

What Does the Application Process Involve?

Tack coats are sprayed onto clean, dry pavements. If the pavement has been milled or is covered in dust, the contractor may use a combination of water, brooms and power washers to clean it. The tack coat is then applied with a sprayer so that between 90 percent and 95 percent of the surface will be evenly covered in tack coat once the tack coat has set.

It is critical for the contractor to use the right amount of tack coat for the surface and the terrain. More tack coat may be needed if the pavement is heavily oxidized or very old; additional tack coat may also be needed if the pavement has been milled. Less tack coat is generally used on steep grades or if the tack coat is being applied between two layers of new hot-mix asphalt.

What Traffic Patterns Make Tack Coat Especially Advisable?

Although tack coat is beneficial for all asphalt pavements, certain traffic patterns make it especially advisable to use a tack coat when installing or overlaying pavement. Turn lanes and hills should have a tack coat applied. Intersections with stop signs, signal lights or crosswalks could benefit from a tack coat as well as any other area where traffic frequently decelerates or accelerates. Pavements that support a heavy volume of traffic should have a tack coat applied. Contractors may also advise the use of a tack coat under a variety of other conditions.

Does Tack Coat Form a Strong Bond Immediately?

Core samples taken by researchers have indicated that a strong bond does not form in a matter of hours. In some instances, the bond achieves its maximum strength within a few days, but in other instances, it may require several weeks for the maximum bond to be achieved. The weather and the weight and volume of traffic are the most important factors for determining how long it will take for the bond to develop; warm weather and heavy traffic expedite bond development. Given sufficient time, however, the bond will develop even with cooler temperatures and light traffic.

How Much Does Tack Coat Increase Project Costs?

Tack coat is a very economical way to increase the durability of asphalt pavement. On average, tack coat increases the cost of a paving project by less than 1 percent.

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