The Sealcoating Season

The Sealcoating Season

DSC_3321Every spring, asphalt contractors begin to get calls about sealcoating almost as soon as the first warm, sunny day arrives. Winters on Cape Cod can be harsh although not nearly as severe as some of Massachusetts’ inland cities. There are definitely months during which it is impossible to apply sealcoating and have the job turn out satisfactorily. There may even be days that fall within the normal sealcoating season when it is a bad idea to apply sealant. Understanding what sealcoating does may help explain why the weather is so critical to the success of a sealcoating job.

How Sealcoating Works

Sealcoating goes on as a liquid. The sealant will fill the tiny pores in asphalt pavement to create a bond. As the sealcoating dries, or cures, the sealant creates a hard finish that is bonded to the pavement. Once cured, sealcoating screens out UV radiation from the sun that can make asphalt dry and brittle. It also slows down the penetration of gasoline, oil and other fluids that can soften asphalt and shorten its life. The bond that sealcoating forms with the pavement also makes the surface appear smoother and more even, and sealcoating darkens the color of asphalt pavement as well to enhance the property’s curb appeal.

The Sealcoating Season -Why Weather is Critical

Sealcoating manufacturers develop their sealants to perform best when applied within certain conditions. One of these conditions is that sealcoating cures best if the ground and air temperatures are both above 50 degrees while the sealant is applied and for the first 24 hours that the sealcoating is curing. It is also imperative that no precipitation fall on the fresh sealant within the first few hours. The amount of shade that the pavement receives, the relative humidity and wind speeds can influence a contractor’s decision on whether a day is suitable for sealcoating.

Typical Cape Cod Sealcoating Season

The typical season for asphalt sealcoating in the Cape Cod area starts between April 20 and May 10 and runs until sometime between October 15 and November 1. Naturally, there are years during which it is possible to start sealcoating earlier or continue later, and there may be a few scattered days outside of the normal season that permit successful sealcoating.

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