What is the benefit of “additives” in sealer?

What is the benefit of “additives” in sealer?

sealcoating Cape CodOne of the nicest things you can do for your asphalt pavement is to have it professionally sealcoated early in its life, with reapplications as needed. Asphalt sealcoating is a great product, even without the use of additives. However, situations frequently arise that make using additives necessary. Your contractor may advise incorporating a single additive or a blend containing multiple additives as different additives provide different benefits.

Using Additives to Extend the Season

Most sealcoating manufacturers advise that their products should be applied when the ambient temperature falls between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Cape Cod area, there are five months during a typical year in which the average high temperatures do not reach the lower limit. There are also isolated days throughout the year that are too cool for sealcoating as the mix can become too thick to apply and require an extended curing time. Additives let contractors apply sealcoating during a greater range of temperatures.

Using Additives to Keep Sand in Solution

Silica sand is an important ingredient in sealcoating mix as it improves traction on sealcoated pavement. However, sand tends to drop out of the liquid solution, resulting in an uneven distribution of the sand across the sealcoated area. Additives help the sealcoating hold the sand in solution during the sealant’s liquid state, and they help the sealant retain its sand after the sealcoating dries.

Using Additives to Accelerate Curing

Sealcoating must cure or dry before the area can be reopened. Pedestrian traffic can typically be permitted in four to eight hours, but vehicles may need to be prohibited for as long as 24 hours. If the pavement receives a lot of shade, humidity levels are high or temperatures are cool, the curing time can be even longer. There are additives that contractors can use that accelerate the curing time, often cutting the time in half.

Using Additives to Alter Sealant’s Properties

Sealcoating professionals frequently receive “special requests” from their customers. An upscale housing development, for example, might need sealcoating that will be more resistant to tire scuffing. The property manager of a shopping center with an aging parking lot might want to darken the color of the pavement beyond the capabilities of regular sealcoating. These and many more requests can be handled by incorporating the right additives.

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