What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway, asphalt contractors barnstableThe curb appeal of your home can make an impression on those who visit or pass by your property, and your driveway is an important part of your home’s curb appeal. If your driveway is clean, well-maintained and attractive, most people will form a favorable perception about the condition of your home’s interior and your commitment to ensuring that all of your property has been properly maintained. When you install an asphalt driveway, its natural beauty and ease of maintenance can help create a flattering picture of you, your lifestyle and the overall condition of your home. If you want to make sure that you get a good asphalt driveway, there are five critical elements that must be considered.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway – Good Design

You probably have a vision of how you want your driveway to look, the route it should follow and the size that it should be. However, executing your vision requires starting with a proper design. For example, when planning your driveway, your contractor must consider the terrain and the type of soil as well as factors such as the turning radius at the point that the driveway meets the street. If the design is faulty, you will likely be dissatisfied with your finished driveway.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway – Good Foundation

Asphalt pavement relies on a stable, solid foundation for its flexibility, strength and longevity. A good foundation starts with an evaluation of the soil on which the driveway will be constructed. If the dirt is soft and sandy or contains soggy, wet clay, it may be necessary to replace some of the soil with more suitable dirt. The contractor will probably need to compact the soil, install a layer of aggregate and compact the aggregate to ensure that the foundation will be stable enough to support the pavement.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway – Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is critical to the longevity of your driveway. If the grade is incorrect, water can pool on the pavement, increasing the chances of water penetrating to the driveway’s foundation. In addition, the foundation must be constructed properly so that subterranean water can be safely redirected away from the pavement. Depending on the soil and terrain, your contractor might install a French drain, a rock subgrade or a gravel base to ensure proper underground drainage.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway – Choice of Asphalt Mix

Asphalt plants produce a variety of mixes that have varying amounts of binder and different aggregates. Some mixes provide a smoother appearance than others, but they do not always provide the same durability as many mixes with a coarser gradation. The use that your driveway will receive is a major factor in the selection of the mix. For example, if your driveway must support truck traffic, the more durable mix is often the better choice.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway – Quality of the Work

The contractor’s experience, attention to detail and expertise are critical to the quality of the driveway. For example, the asphalt must be properly compacted, including the areas around the joints and along the edges. A tack coat may be needed to prevent slippage of the surface course. The asphalt mix must be at the correct temperature and worked before it cools too much. Choosing a reputable contractor with experience in the construction of residential driveways can help ensure that you will receive many years of service from your new driveway.

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