Property Management And Asphalt Paving

Property Management And Asphalt Paving

Property Management And Asphalt Paving, MCE Dirtworks Inc, Cape Cod, MAAsphalt pavement is a durable, attractive option for residential, commercial and industrial properties. If you are considering installing asphalt pavement at a property that you manage or just want to know how to ensure that existing pavement reaches its maximum life, here are a few things you should know.

Property Management And Asphalt Paving – New Construction

The quality of your new asphalt pavement begins with the grading. Inexperienced contractors may miscalculate the proper grade, preventing runoff from draining properly. After grading, the foundation must be prepared and compacted sufficiently to provide the support that the pavement needs to remain strong. The asphalt must be spread while it is at the proper temperature, and then it must be compacted properly. When shopping for a contractor to install your new asphalt pavement, make sure that you select an experienced contractor with the right equipment and a highly trained crew.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial if you want your asphalt pavement to last. New pavement should be sealed as soon as it is fully cured; depending on weather conditions, pavement depth and other factors, this will normally be between 30 and 180 days after installation. Sealcoating should then be reapplied as needed. Typically, fresh sealcoating needs to be applied every two years, but your needs can vary. Crack filling is another important maintenance procedure that should be scheduled as soon as the cracks develop.

Why Sealcoating and Crack Filling Are Important

Sealcoating shields your asphalt pavement from the sun’s rays, which can not only fade its color but also make it dry. When asphalt pavement loses its moisture, it begins to deteriorate rapidly. Sealcoating also protects against automotive fluids that can leave asphalt pavement soft and easily damaged. Crack filling is important because it prevents water from leaking beneath the pavement and eroding the foundation. Lacking the support it needs, the pavement can develop alligator cracking, dips in the pavement, potholes and other problems. An eroded foundation can be expensive to repair, so it is far better to prevent the damage than it is to fix it.

Trust MCE Dirtworks With Your Asphalt Pavement

MCE Dirtworks offers a full range of services for the installation, repair and maintenance of asphalt pavement. We also provide excavation, demolition and site work services to customers throughout the Cape Cod area. We have the experience, equipment and crews that are required to deliver extraordinary results at competitive prices. Our services include asphalt paving, pavement markings, asphalt repairs and sealcoating. You can request a free quote by calling (508) 240-5541 or submitting our online form.

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