Why Asphalt Pavement In Cape Cod Is Cost-Effective

Why Asphalt Pavement In Cape Cod Is Cost-Effective

Why Asphalt Pavement In Cape Cod Is Cost-Effective, Dirtworks has been paving Cape Cod, asphalt paving and excavation company, site workPaving contractors are often asked to compare the benefits of asphalt pavement with other paving materials. Although asphalt pavement offers a number of environmental benefits, most customers are more concerned with whether asphalt or concrete will save them the most money. The short answer is that asphalt pavement is by far the more cost-effective choice.

Why Asphalt Pavement In Cape Cod Is Cost-Effective – Saves Money from the Start

When determining the proper amount to bid on a job, contractors must evaluate many different expenses that they must pay. These expenses include materials, labor and mobilization, which is the cost of transporting equipment and workers to the construction site. Given a job of the same scope in the same location, all three of these costs — especially labor and mobilization — will be less for constructing a new expanse of asphalt pavement than for constructing a new expanse of concrete pavement. In fact, your initial outlay will be 30 to 40 percent less for asphalt pavement, and in some instances, your savings could be even more substantial.

Asphalt Lets You Start Using Your Pavement Sooner

An accountant would tell you that an idle asset is not providing you with a return on your investment. New asphalt pavement can often be put into use in as little as two days. Concrete normally needs to cure for at least seven days before it can be used. Although the difference in time may not be significant to many homeowners who are having a driveway installed, if you are a business that is losing sales because your customers have no place to park, five days can seem like an eternity.

Asphalt Pavement Saves You Money Throughout Its Life

Repairs to asphalt pavement cost less than repairs to concrete pavement. Like new construction, material, labor and mobilization costs are less for repairing asphalt pavement. Faster repairs also mean that there is less disruption to traffic. Furthermore, asphalt pavement’s flexibility means that it is not as prone to serious cracking as concrete, and asphalt pavement does not suffer from spalling, which is a common problem with concrete. As a bonus, ice and snow melt faster on asphalt pavement than concrete, so you might save some money on chemical deicing agents.

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