Your Asphalt Contractor – Do You Trust Them?

Your Asphalt Contractor – Do You Trust Them?

Your Asphalt Contractor - Do You Trust Them?, paving cape codAsphalt is an economical, attractive and durable choice for a variety of pavements. When properly installed and maintained, asphalt pavement should provide you with many years of life. However, regardless of the work you need, the key to obtaining the best return on your investment is to choose a trustworthy contractor. Here are some ways to help you decide whether you can trust any asphalt contractor you are considering for your project.

Your Asphalt Contractor – Do You Trust Them?

What Are Some Signs Indicating You Can Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?

Asphalt contractors are not identical in their traits or personalities. For example, some contractors can seem a bit reserved, but other contractors can be quite talkative. Therefore, it is impossible to create a profile that fits all contractors in all situations. However, there are several qualities that trustworthy contractors seem to share.

• The contractor is willing to meet with you in person. He is not afraid to look you in the eye, answer your questions and explain his reasoning.
• The contractor will give you a written estimate. His estimate will include information about the scope of the job, the materials that will be used and the tentative schedule for the work.
• The contractor willingly provides you with relevant references. The information he offers should include contact information for his client and the address where he performed the work.
• The contractor and his workers have pertinent experience. A contractor may have spent 20 years sealcoating suburban driveways, but that does not mean that he is automatically qualified to construct the streets in a new subdivision.
• The contractor will be fully insured. At the very least, he will carry workers’ compensation insurance covering every employee who will set foot on your property, a general liability policy and vehicle insurance.

What Are Some Signs of an Untrustworthy Asphalt Contractor?

Unscrupulous paving companies are a diverse group, but there are certain commonalities that can often reveal their game early on.

• The contractor may be extremely glib. He will have his pitch perfected long before he meets with you. You may find it difficult to insert a question into the conversation, and it is highly probable that your question will not be answered even if he spends 10 minutes talking about the subject of your question.
• You will be encouraged to sign a contract or make a deposit immediately. He will tell you that he can only guarantee the price until the end of the day or that he has a large project pending that could delay your work unless he can get you on his schedule today.
• He may give vague answers to important questions. For example, if you ask whether he is insured, he may simply nod and move on to another topic.
• He tells you that he has a secret method that he cannot reveal to you. The basics of installing asphalt pavement have not changed in many decades.
• He makes unreasonable promises. For example, he may tell you that your pavement will be installed even if the temperatures drop into the teens. He may tell you that he can start your sealcoating job at midnight and have your parking lot ready for vehicles by dawn.

Where Can You Find the Truth?

If you need an honest, reliable asphalt company, contact us.  Dirtworks has served Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts customers for more than two decades. We are known for our workmanship, dedication to customer satisfaction and integrity. Our services include asphalt paving, reclamation, asphalt milling, site work, asphalt repair, dirt road repair, excavation, sealcoating and parking lot striping. To receive a free estimate, complete the online form or call 508-240-5541.

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