Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | Cape Cod

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | Cape Cod

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | Cape Cod, asphalt paving contractorsYour asphalt pavement takes a beating from the weather, traffic, the freeze/thaw cycle, leaked automotive fluids, deicing agents and UV radiation. Timely repairs and proactive routine maintenance can help offset the effects, but you will eventually notice that your pavement looks worn and ragged. The question you may then ask is whether you need paving or sealcoating. The answer can typically be found through an evaluation of your pavement’s current condition.

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | Cape Cod| What Type of Damage Is Present

Are there cracks and potholes present? Has the color of the pavement faded from black to dingy brown or gray? Is alligator cracking — a specific cracking pattern in which the cracks are interconnected and resemble a reptile’s skin — present? Are there depressions in the pavement where water collects and remains for extended periods? Is the asphalt brittle and dry? Are there soft spots in the pavement? The type of damage that is present is one factor that your asphalt contractor will evaluate when deciding between sealcoating and paving.

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | How Much of the Pavement Is Damaged

Are damages present in just a few areas or spread evenly across the entire surface of the pavement? Can you estimate how much of the total square footage is affected? Are different types of damage concentrated together or widely dispersed?

Asphalt Paving or Sealcoating? | What Is Your Primary Concern

Are you seeking to maximize the return on your pavement investment by preventing additional damage? Is the curb appeal of your property of major importance?

Putting Your Answers Together

Once the questions have been answered, it is easier to determine whether sealcoating or paving offers the better solution. However, keep in mind that only an experienced, reputable asphalt contractor who has inspected your pavement can offer an accurate recommendation of the correct actions you should take.

• If the damage consists primarily of cracks, soft spots and/or potholes and affects less than about one-third of your pavement, sealcoating is likely the right choice. Sealcoating would also be the correct choice if you need to address faded asphalt pavement.
• If the damage consists primarily of alligator cracking and/or low spots, the extent of the damage determines whether to choose paving or sealcoating. An isolated area or two may not rule out sealcoating, but if more than about 25 percent of the pavement is affected, you will probably need paving, especially if the damages are not found in the same vicinity. Depressions and alligator cracking usually point to an unstable foundation. Foundation repairs involve removing the pavement above the damaged foundation, repairing the foundation and then installing new pavement.
• If the appearance of your asphalt pavement is of paramount importance, you should consider paving if there are numerous repairs to be made. Repairs are seldom invisible, and sealcoating may not conceal them as well as you would like. The more repairs that your pavement needs, the greater the likelihood that people will notice that you have had cracks filled or potholes patched.

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