Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod, driveway paving Barnstable ma As soon as the first leaves begin to show their fall colors, many property owners and managers begin to worry whether their asphalt pavements will be able to retain their health and looks over the winter. Without the proper maintenance, your asphalt pavement could look rather bedraggled once spring arrives. Furthermore, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise in the form of an expensive repair bill. However, if you ensure that your asphalt pavement is properly maintained before winter weather arrives, you increase your pavement’s chances of shrugging off the effects of harsh weather. Here are five important maintenance procedures you should have performed in the fall.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod | Crack Repairs

Inevitably, asphalt pavement will develop cracks. In any season, cracks give water a way to work its way under the pavement and erode the base. However, if cracks are not repaired before the arrival of freezing temperatures, the trapped water will turn to ice and expand. This will enlarge existing cracks and probably cause new cracks and/or potholes to develop.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod | Pothole Repairs

As bad as it is to ignore cracks, it is even worse to ignore potholes. In addition to providing water with an easy way to damage the pavement’s supporting base, potholes pose a risk to pedestrians who might suffer a fall or a sprained ankle, and they can play havoc with a car’s suspension system and tires. Over the winter, small potholes can turn into gaping holes that can be costly to repair.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod | Cleaning

Fall is a good time to have your asphalt pavement professionally cleaned. Debris needs to be removed, but you also want to have any automotive fluids that have leaked onto your pavement removed. Otherwise, these caustic fluids can cause soft spots that make the pavement more susceptible to damage.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod | Sealcoating

Sealcoating is an economical, highly effective way to prolong the life of asphalt pavement. Sealants block the UV rays that leave asphalt pavement brittle and dry. Sealcoating also slows the rate at which automotive fluids will reach the asphalt and begin to soften it. In addition, sealcoating fills hairline cracks and other minor flaws to improve the pavement’s appearance. It is important to remember that sealcoating is not a one-time procedure; it should be reapplied periodically at the intervals recommended by a trusted contractor.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation | Cape Cod | Ensure Proper Drainage

Storm drains, catch basins and gutters help keep water flowing from your pavement. If the water cannot drain properly, it can pool on your pavement or be forced under your pavement around grates or along the edges. In addition to having the potential to cause damage to the pavement’s base, the trapped water could freeze. The resulting pressure could remove chunks of your pavement, which could lead to even more damage. Furthermore, water that has pooled on your pavement and frozen can conceal potholes or tripping hazards, resulting in injuries to pedestrians or damaged vehicles.

Let Us Help You with Your Fall Maintenance Needs

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