Parking Lot Safety, Cape Cod

Parking Lot Safety, Cape Cod

Parking Lot Safety, Cape Cod, asphalt drivewayWhat do you think of when you consider parking lot safety? For many people, the words merely serve as a reminder to lock their vehicles, store valuable items in the trunk or park in a remote area to avoid dents in their car doors. However, parking lots are potentially hazardous places for both pedestrians and drivers. Parking Lot Safety, Cape Cod, are potential dangers can be eliminated by following these tips.

Parking Lot Safety, Cape Cod – Stay Alert

People do not always behave as you anticipate, so your best defense is to be vigilant. Watch out for drivers that do not notice you when they are backing out of a parking space. Realize that not all drivers are going to follow the rules; they may ignore a stop sign, fail to stop at a crosswalk or speed down a traffic aisle in the wrong direction. Pedestrians encumbered by packages may not have a full range of vision, so they fail to see vehicles or other pedestrians.

Try to Stay Calm

It can be annoying when someone takes the parking space that you have been waiting for patiently or when a group of pedestrians seem oblivious to your vehicle. A driver who almost collides with you while turning or backing may anger you. When the parking lot at the mall is packed, you may feel frustrated when you have to spend precious time finding a parking space. When these things happen, try to remain calm. Do not respond by speeding through the lot, parking illegally or ignoring the traffic signs.

Focus on What You Are Doing

Whether you are pulling into a parking space, walking to your car or driving through the parking lot, focus on what you are doing. It may seem like a good time to send a text, make a call or look for your shopping list, but distractions can lead to mistakes. Concentrate on what you need to do to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Happy Holidays, Cape Cod!

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