Site Work Overview: Cape Cod

Site Work Overview: Cape Cod

Site Work Overview: Cape Cod, paving company in cape codWhether the structure is a house, a store or an office, constructing a building requires a great deal of advance preparation before the actual construction process can begin. The preliminary work that is performed on the building site and elements that are not integrated with the actual structure are usually referred to as site work.

Site Work Overview: Cape Cod – Typical Tasks Considered 

• The first task that is normally performed is to clear the lot. Lot clearing may involve the demolition of existing structures or clearing trees, bushes, roots or other types of vegetation. The debris resulting from the lot clearing is typically hauled away. However, if you are building on a rural acreage, you might prefer to have vegetation buried rather than hauled out. Burying vegetation may not be possible in certain jurisdictions. It can also present problems in the future; organic materials will decay, resulting in compaction that could cause drainage issues or unwelcome depressions.
• New construction usually requires a variety of trenches or holes to be excavated. Cellars, utility lines, septic tanks, swimming pools, foundations and sewer lines are examples of features that normally require excavation services.
• Rough grading refers to the initial grading of the site. The basic slope will be established to provide a preliminary estimate of how runoff will flow and make it easier to complete the final tasks.
• Site work can include the excavation, grading and paving of walkways, driveways or access roads. Depending on the architect’s plan, it may also include the excavations and paving needed for detached structures, including retaining or privacy walls, guest houses, garages, workshops, storage buildings, stables, sunken tennis courts and barns.
• Landscaping may be included as well. For example, if you want terraces, an artificial waterfall or a man-made berm, the contractor may consider these features as part of the site work.
• After construction is completed, the finish grading can be performed. This step is important to ensure proper drainage patterns and to prepare the terrain for planting trees, hedges and other vegetation.

Choosing a Contractor for Site Work

When selecting a contractor, be sure to select someone with experience in performing site work. There are often permits that must be secured prior to commencing work or inspections that must be conducted, so you should choose someone familiar with the codes and regulations in your jurisdiction. You want a contractor who has equipment that is the right type and that offers the necessary capacity. If you choose a contractor who offers all or most of the site work you need — such as septic system installation, demolition, excavations, grading, road construction and paving — your project may encounter fewer delays, less confusion and enhanced scrutiny.

Dirtworks is a paving company that has been serving the Cape Cod area for more than two decades. We offer excavation, demolition and paving services as well as septic system installation, land clearing and grading. We also offer asphalt repairs, sealcoating, milling, overlays and line striping. Whether you need a road built, a parking lot constructed or a driveway installed, we have the experience, equipment and knowledge to deliver quality work at reasonable rates. If you would like to receive a free quote, simply complete our online form or call (508) 240-5541.

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