Sealcoating: Perfect Time In Cape Cod

Sealcoating: Perfect Time In Cape Cod

Sealcoating: Perfect Time In Cape Cod, asphalt company cape codIf you have asphalt pavement, sealcoating is the best way to enhance its appearance while simultaneously extending its useful life. Sealcoating prevents the damage caused by UV rays, restores the deep color that asphalt has when it is new and slows the penetration of petroleum-based automotive fluids that can deteriorate your pavement. It is quite economical to have sealcoating applied, but contractors must make sure that conditions are suitable before they begin the job.

Sealcoating: Perfect Time In Cape Cod – Ideal Conditions Seldom Occur

Sealcoating manufacturers have a very narrow definition of what constitutes ideal conditions for applying their products.

• Air and pavement temperatures should be between 50 degrees and 70 degrees.
• The overnight temperature should not fall below 50 degrees.
• The relative humidity should be no more than 50 percent.
• The sealant should be exposed to at least four hours of direct sunlight.
• Wind speeds should be at least 3 mph but less than 10 mph.

There are very few days that provide all of the ideal conditions. Therefore, sealcoating is normally performed when most of the conditions can be found.

Conditions Are Typically Suitable During Certain Months

The best months for sealcoating are not the same in every state. For example, in North Dakota, sealcoating is often impossible from the middle of September until the middle of May, but in some parts of Texas, sealcoating may be possible all year. In the Cape Cod area, sealcoating season normally runs from the first of June until sometime in October. Although the weather can vary in this area from one year to the next, June is typically the first month during which overnight lows begin to stay consistently above 50 degrees. By the end of October, overnight lows begin falling below that mark.

The Cape Cod area often experiences humidity levels far above ideal, but sealcoating professionals know how to compensate for the higher humidity. There are additives that can be used, but if other conditions are acceptable, all that may be necessary is to allow additional time for the sealcoating to dry. However, few reputable contractors will apply sealant once the relative humidity reaches 95 percent.

Wind speeds are frequently greater than those given as ideal. However, unless the wind is so strong that the spray is swept away or that the top layer of the sealant dries too quickly, higher wind speeds are normally desirable as they can help the sealant cure faster.

One condition for which contractors cannot compensate is precipitation. If rain falls before the sealant is sufficiently cured, the job can be ruined. Sealcoating professionals will generally avoid starting a job if the forecast predicts rain within 24 hours.

There is one other condition that can make sealcoating difficult, but fortunately, the Cape Cod area seldom experiences this condition. If the daytime temperature exceeds 90 degrees, it may actually be too hot to sealcoat. Excessive temperatures can disrupt the normal curing process and undermine the quality of the job.

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