Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better, cape cod pavingAsphalt is a natural substance that makes a very resilient and potentially long-lasting pavement material. It is an extremely popular choice for driveway paving as well as for the construction of public thoroughfares. However, professional, experienced asphalt contractor know that proper maintenance of the asphalt surface is vital to achieving a long life for the asphalt structure as maintaining an intact surface protects the underlying layers.  Problems with the surface of the asphalt pavement can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively when they are caught and addressed early, but when routine maintenance and needed repairs are neglected, the costs can increase significantly. In order to prolong the life expectancy of any asphalt surface, strict adherence to a program of ongoing preventive maintenance is a must.

Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

What Are Some Vital Repair and Maintenance Procedures for Asphalt Pavement?

Any reputable asphalt paving company will tell you that all asphalt pavements will eventually need repairs. The earliest sign of pavement distress is usually the appearance of cracks in the surface of the pavement. If you ignore these cracks, they will continue to expand in length, widen and grow deeper. Neglected cracks are a leading cause of potholes. Cracks are much easier to repair, and usually, the damage has not yet reached the subbase. Once potholes have formed, however, the subbase can quickly become eroded by water that has entered through the breaks in the pavement. Repairing cracks and small potholes before the subbase incurs damage can save you a significant amount of money.

Asphalt surfaces should be kept as clean as possible at all times of the year. Debris, including dirt, gravel, trash and vegetation, should be removed as quickly as possible and not be allowed to accumulate. Piles of dead leaves or other debris trap moisture at the asphalt’s surface and cause the beginning of water infiltration into the pavement and eventually into the subbase. When water enters the subbase, it washes away material, leaving a hollow under the pavement. Lacking support, the pavement will sag, resulting in the eventual formation of a pothole.

An extremely important part of any asphalt preventive maintenance program is to keep the surface of the asphalt pavement properly protected by sealcoating. Periodic sealcoating will help prevent premature aging resulting from environmental factors, including the sun’s rays. Most asphalt companies recommend that you apply new sealcoating every two to three years. However, a pavement receiving heavy traffic may need annual applications, and a residential driveway may not need fresh sealcoating for six or seven years.

What Is the Best Way to Address Problems With Asphalt Pavement?

Ignoring a small problem with asphalt pavement is sure to lead to bigger problems down the line. When problems do occur, addressing them quickly can save you money and minimize the inconvenience of downtime. Hiring the right asphalt company is important to ensure that the job is done right. All paving companies you consider should have the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle your specific needs. Check references; speaking directly to previous customers of the paving company can enable you to better assess how well the contractor’s expertise matches your project. For example, asphalt companies who have only handled driveway sealcoating projects may not be ideal choices to repair numerous cracks and sealcoat a massive parking lot.

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