Keeping Work Zones Safe in Cape Cod | Paving Contractor

Keeping Work Zones Safe in Cape Cod | Paving Contractor

Keeping Work Zones Safe in Cape Cod | Paving ContractorWhether the work involves paving a driveway, a parking lot or a highway, every asphalt contractor knows that the job presents potential risks. On average, more than 110 workers and almost 600 members of the public are killed in paving work zones every year, and thousands more are injured. At Dirtworks, we are committed to doing everything within our power to keep work zones safe for everyone.

Keeping Work Zones Safe in Cape Cod | Paving Contractor

When Paving Cape Cod, What Steps Does the Dirtworks Team Take to Improve Safety?

Safety is an issue that must involve everyone. From the owner of a paving company to the employee with the least experience, everyone must be aware of the importance of a safe work zone.

• Managers and supervisors must ensure that every worker receives the proper training before allowing them to go out on a job. The workers must know how to perform their tasks and use their tools properly and safely. They must also know how to identify potential risks. For example, they need to understand the dangers of standing between two pieces of heavy equipment, the need to remain in well-lit areas when performing work at night, the blind spots where equipment operators cannot see them, and dozens of other factors that could pose a risk.
• It is the responsibility of the management team to ensure that employees have the safety gear that they need, including high-visibility or reflective clothing, and to make it mandatory for workers to use the gear properly.
• It is also management’s responsibility to make sure that the necessary equipment is provided. This can include floodlights for jobs performed at night, the proper devices for traffic control, and equipment that is well-maintained so that it operates properly and will be unlikely to require repairs at the site.
• Equipment operators are trained to get on and off their machines in a safe manner. This involves assuming a three-point stance for both mounting and dismounting, using foot and hand holds, never jumping off a machine and using a stepladder if holds are unavailable.
• Equipment operators are also trained to load and unload their machines safely. There is always the risk that a machine could roll over when being loaded or unloaded. This is also an important reason that supervisors need to ensure that people stay away from equipment that is being loaded or unloaded.
• Everyone is encouraged to speak up if a potentially dangerous situation is identified. Every employee is a member of the team, and part of teamwork is looking out for your colleagues.
• Power lines and other overhead obstructions need to be marked, and truck drivers need to be warned about these hazards. Buried obstructions, including gas lines, telecommunication cables and sewer lines, need to be marked as well.
Paving companies give a high priority to controlling traffic. Signs placed before the start of the work zone warn drivers of upcoming road construction, reduced speed limits, lane closures and other pertinent facts so that drivers have time to react. Barricades or barrels may be used to protect workers from an intruding vehicle. Tape may be used to warn pedestrians to keep out. Flaggers may be stationed to help control the movement of vehicles. The traffic control plan varies by job; the plan for a paving driveway job, for example, will not be the same as the plan for paving a busy boulevard.

Dirtworks is a paving contractor based in Cape Cod and we value the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the people we serve, so we do not skimp on safety. We deliver exceptional work and exemplary customer service at affordable prices, and we do so without sacrificing a safe workplace. Our services include commercial asphalt paving, excavations, driveway paving, site work, full-depth asphalt reclamation, sealcoating, asphalt milling, parking lot striping, asphalt repair, snow removal and dirt road repair. Our customers in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts include educational facilities, homeowners, hospitals and health care facilities, hotels, local governments, subdivisions and homeowner associations, restaurants, office buildings, shopping centers and apartment complexes. You can request a free estimate by calling 508-240-5541 or submitting the quote request form online.

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