Why Is Edge Milling Prior to Resurfacing Important?

Why Is Edge Milling Prior to Resurfacing Important?

When the foundation supporting a pavement is sound, it may not be necessary to tear out the old pavement and completely rebuild it. Resurfacing is the installation of asphalt on top of a worn or damaged pavement. Resurfacing can be much more economical than removing and replacing the pavement, and it can also be performed faster to minimize disruptions to traffic or your customers. However, for best results, the edges of the asphalt should be milled.

Why Is Edge Milling Prior to Resurfacing Important? What Is Edge Milling?

Asphalt milling is an interesting process. Highly precise milling machines can remove a full depth of asphalt pavement or just a fraction of an inch of pavement. Milling can be used to adjust the slope of the pavement, correct depressions, install rumble strips or repair some types of damage to the surface caused by fires, traffic or raveling. Asphalt milling is an eco-friendly, fully contained procedure in which the removed asphalt is completely recycled by the asphalt plant.

Due to the precision of milling machines, they are routinely used as part of the resurfacing operation. Edge milling is a specialized removal of asphalt in certain areas of the pavement.

The Importance of Edge Milling for Resurfacing

If you take a look at your pavement, you will notice that it is not simply an unbroken expanse that exists as an independent part of the universe. Driveways or other pavements connect to your pavement. There are probably curbs along at least some sides of the pavement. Storm drains, manhole covers and catch basins may be present as well.

Imagine adding an inch or more of asphalt to your existing pavement. The transitions between connecting pavements will no longer be smooth. Gutters along your curbs will become shallower. Grates and manhole covers may be sunken deep into the pavement, making the ride jarring for the occupants of vehicles driving over them. All of these uneven areas can also pose tripping hazards for pedestrians and potential dangers to bicyclists.

Edge milling eliminates these problems. Curb reveals, manhole covers and grates can be maintained at the proper height. Transitions between pavements can be smoothed.

In addition, by ensuring proper drainage, the health of the pavement can be improved. Water that does not flow from the pavement freely will have more time to find an access point beneath the pavement. The areas around grates, gutters and manhole covers are particularly susceptible; water can seep under the edges of the pavement, causing premature deterioration or the destabilization of the foundation.

Call Dirtworks for Your Resurfacing and Milling Needs

If your previous paving contractor resurfaced your pavement without performing edge milling, Dirtworks may be able to help you correct the issues he left behind. If you are in need of resurfacing, we will make sure that the work is done correctly. We are a full-service paving contractor serving customers in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of services, including commercial paving, driveway paving, asphalt reclamation, sealcoating, asphalt repair, parking lot striping, site work, dirt road repair and excavations. We are known for our exceptional workmanship and our willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver exemplary work within budget and on time. If you would like to call and discuss your project, our phone number is 508-240-5541. You can also use our online quote request form to submit the information.

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