What Happens If You Delay Asphalt Maintenance? | Cape Cod

What Happens If You Delay Asphalt Maintenance? | Cape Cod

What Happens If You Delay Asphalt Maintenance? | Cape Cod, paving cape codWhether they are discussing an asphalt driveway, parking lot, jogging trail, sidewalk or roadway, paving contractors know that one fact is true: Property owners can spend a relatively small amount on asphalt repair and maintenance as soon as problems develop, or they can spend significantly more later. However, many property owners do not understand why delaying maintenance can lead to substantially larger expenses down the road.

What Happens If You Delay Asphalt Maintenance? | Cape Cod

Asphalt companies begin construction by compacting the soil on which the pavement will rest. In most cases, paving contractors will then install a base and subbase, carefully compacting the materials in each phase. Whether the job involves driveway paving, rebuilding a parking lot or constructing a new street, paving contractors know that without a solid, stable foundation, the pavement will fail. When you delay preventive asphalt maintenance and neglect repairs, water has a direct path to the supporting foundation. Water alone can weaken the foundation by rearranging or removing the materials comprising the base and subbase, but when the water freezes, the expanding ice exacerbates the damage. The weakened foundation will allow the pavement to subside, resulting in additional cracks, potholes and alligator cracking.

How Much Can Timely Asphalt Repair and Routine Maintenance Save?

Multiple studies have proven that remediating an asphalt pavement costs at least four times as much as maintaining it, and in many instances, remediation costs are up to 10 times as much. For example, one study involving a small parking lot showed that timely repairs would have cost no more than $6,000, but deferring the repairs for just three years resulted in a bill of more than $35,000 for the reconstruction of the parking lot. Whether you are a homeowner with an asphalt driveway, a business owner with an asphalt parking lot or a transportation agency responsible for a major highway, you can expect to save between $4 and $10 for every dollar you invest in timely, professional maintenance and repair.

How Should I Budget for Asphalt Paving, Maintenance and Repairs?

Your exact schedule will depend on your particular situation. For example, a highway that supports a high volume of fully loaded tractor-trailers will incur more damage than a residential driveway. The following examples illustrate a typical schedule for a parking lot that receives an average amount of traffic and supports only passenger vehicles.

• Hire a reputable asphalt contractor to inspect your pavement and repair cracks every spring and every fall.
• Hire a sealcoating professional to apply fresh sealant every two years.
• Hire a paving company to repair or replace any areas that show signs of structural problems every five years.
• Plan to invest in an overlay or pavement resurfacing every 12 to 15 years.

At Dirtworks, we can help you achieve a longer life for your asphalt pavement. We are a full-service asphalt paving and excavation company serving Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our services include paving driveway installation, commercial paving, asphalt resurfacing, asphalt repairs, sealcoating, parking lot markings, snow removal, dirt road repair, site work and driveway paving to homeowners and virtually all types of businesses. We have an impeccable reputation and abundant references. If you need a highly experienced, honest, reliable contractor, use our convenient online form or call 508-240-5541 to request a free quote.

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