How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost? | Cape Cod

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost? | Cape Cod

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost? | Cape Cod, asphalt paving cape codWhen people call an asphalt contractor for quotes on paving services, they frequently cannot provide a sufficient amount of information to enable the contractor to make an accurate estimate. This is especially true if the job involves an asphalt overlay, new pavement construction or the total reconstruction of an existing pavement in Cape Cod. An asphalt company must evaluate a number of factors to arrive at a realistic quote.

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost? | Cape Cod

How Will the Contractor Prepare the Site?

The contractor must consider the site preparations that will be required before the first load of asphalt arrives. For example, if the project is to reconstruct an existing pavement, the old pavement must be removed. Before an asphalt overlay can be applied, the contractor will need to repair any damaged areas on the existing pavement. If the project involves new pavement construction, the contractor will need to clear the land, level the site and address any drainage issues. The contractor may need to amend the underlying soil, or he may need to take special steps when constructing the pavement’s subbase.

What Are the Transportation Costs?

Transportation costs involve getting the asphalt from the production plant to the job site. Related costs, often listed as mobilization expenses, include the costs of transporting equipment, crew members, tools and materials to the site. As distances increase, transportation costs rise.

Does the Job Present Special Issues?

Some paving jobs are easier to complete than others. Here are a few issues that could increase the cost of your paving job.

• Your job requires paving on a steep grade. It is far easier to pave a level field, for example, than to pave a street that features several hills.
• Your pavement will have several curves. Curves require more work than a straight expanse, especially if the bends are extremely sharp.
• Your site is inaccessible. If the job is to install pavement on raw land, there may be no way for the contractor to get his equipment from the nearest public roadway to your site. He may need to construct a temporary access road, which will increase your costs.
• Your site has serious drainage issues. If the contractor must modify the terrain, install retaining walls or build an underground drainage system, the costs will increase.

How Much Will the Asphalt Cost?

The cost of the asphalt for the job is a major part of the total expense. It is far more difficult to calculate than many people believe.

Asphalt contractors determine the cubic volume of asphalt for the job. This means that they must know how deep the asphalt needs to be as well as the length and width of the pavement. Once they know how many cubic feet they will need, they can determine how many tons of asphalt they will need to order.
• An asphalt paving company has access to a wide variety of products, so your contractor should explain the options to you so that you can state your preference. It is important to remember that not every option is ideal for every type of project. For example, porous asphalt is relatively new, very friendly to the environment, extremely good at managing runoff and can help prevent icing. However, it is not ideal for pavements that must support heavyweight trucks, and it is typically more expensive to install.
• Asphalt pavement is recyclable, and much of what is reclaimed is used to produce new asphalt paving. The amount of recycled materials in the mix can impact the price. You should discuss this issue with your contractor to determine the appropriate mix for your project.

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