What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?, cape cod asphalt pavingThe asphalt paving Cape Cod property owners choose economical, attractive and long-lasting if it is correctly installed and given the proper care throughout its life. However, budgets are often tight, so both commercial and residential property owners can be left wondering how to utilize best the funds allocated to their paving needs. Proper utilization requires taking a proactive approach that includes understanding the various factors involved.

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?

What Factors Should Be Considered When Scheduling Asphalt Services?

Pavements are not all the same, property owners often have dissimilar needs, and budgets are not always flexible enough to allow every repair to be ordered immediately. However, there are certain factors that apply to virtually all situations or can be adapted for specific requirements.

1. Choose the right contractor. Like professionals in other industries, asphalt and paving contractors often use terms that many customers do not understand. If you are ever confused by the terminology, ask for an explanation, and if the contractor ignores your request or appears condescending, you might want to cross him off your list. If he cannot provide proof of insurance, references or other documentation, he is probably not the right contractor.
2. All paving companies do not have identical skills, equipment and staffing. When you begin to solicit bids, be sure to ask how closely the company’s experience matches your project, whether they own the necessary equipment, and whether crew members are sufficiently trained.
3. Make a detailed inspection of your pavement every spring. Write down the areas of damage you identify, including cracks, potholes, ruts and depressions. If possible, plan to take a tour of your pavement with a representative of a credible paving company.
4. If necessary, prioritize repairs by location and severity. For example, cracks in the drive lanes of your parking lot that receive a high volume of traffic should be repaired before similar cracks in a seldom-used corner. Similarly, potholes and cracks wider than half an inch should be prioritized over shallow, hairline cracks that are primarily cosmetic issues.
5. Consider the season when scheduling repairs. Crack repairs are typically best performed in the fall to prevent damage that could occur from water freezing inside the cracks. Sealcoating is usually best performed in the spring so that the pavement is ready for the additional sunlight of summer.
6. Familiarize yourself with the different types of materials and techniques available. For example, there are a number of different patching methods that can be used, and there are a number of different paints that can be used for pavement markings. The knowledge you gain can help you frame questions to potential contractors as well as give you a better understanding of the results you can expect.
7. Ask your asphalt contractor to advise the proper schedule for repairs. Your needs may vary, but a sample schedule might include annual crack repairs, biennial sealcoating, and an overlay or reconstruction every 15 years.
8. Follow your contractor’s instructions regarding curing times. Whether you have a crack repaired, sealant applied, an overlay installed, or pavement markings applied, your pavement will need to remain closed until proper curing occurs. If you allow traffic on the pavement before the curing is complete, the longevity of the contractor’s work can be compromised.

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