What Are the Steps for Asphalt Road Construction?

What Are the Steps for Asphalt Road Construction?

What Are the Steps for Asphalt Road Construction? paving cape codIf you have ever watched a paving company construct an asphalt road, you may have noticed that the crew members are a well-choreographed team. Each worker has a specific function; some crew members operate the rolling machines, others are responsible for raking the hot asphalt, and still other crew members are directing the trucks that are delivering asphalt from the batch plant. However, what people passing by the site see are only some of the steps that are required to build a high-quality, long-lasting road.

What Are the Steps for Asphalt Road Construction?

Experienced asphalt contractors are aware that every job can present unique challenges that they must address. Some sites require more steps, and some sites require fewer steps. Furthermore, customers often do not see all of the steps that the contractor and his crew execute. Typically, the asphalt company installing your new road will take most or all of the following actions.

• Evaluate the site. Whether they are paving driveways or major highways, contractors know that they must first examine the soil conditions and surrounding terrain. How stable is the soil? Does it have a high sand or clay content? What kind of runoff will the adjacent land produce? Will the job involve clearing trees or other vegetation? Is the route on a steep grade? These and many other site-specific questions will need to be answered to ensure the best design.
• Design the pavement. The answers obtained during the evaluation process help the contractor produce an appropriate design. For example, the questions about soil conditions can tell him whether he will need to amend the soil or adjust the design of the supporting foundation. Terrain issues can tell him whether subterranean drainage, retaining walls or other features will be needed. The volume of traffic and the weights of the vehicles will also be examined so that the depth of the asphalt will be sufficient for the road’s intended use.
• Plan the execution of the design. Project planning is both an art and a science, and experience can help with the mastery of both. The loads of asphalt from the plant must be carefully scheduled; if they are too close together, the asphalt could become too cool during the wait, resulting in poor compaction and an inferior pavement. On large projects, the paving contractor will divide the work into manageable phases and determine a timeline for each. The contractor must also select the right crew members for the job, schedule the equipment needed, and plan the transportation of workers, equipment, supplies and tools.
• The site will need to be cleared and graded. Any vegetation or existing pavement will need to be removed. The ground can then be graded so that there is a slight center mound to ensure proper drainage. Once the basic shape has been established, the roadbed will be smoothed and leveled.
• The foundation will be constructed. The foundation is made up of a subbase and base, each of which is compacted separately. Any soil amendments needed will be made and compacted prior to completing the foundation.
• The courses will be installed. Typically, the first course is a binder layer. This is followed by the initial course of asphalt, which is compacted before the next layer of asphalt is applied. Each layer of asphalt will be compacted before another course is placed. Once the proper asphalt depth has been reached, the surface course will be installed.

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